Archived LA webinar session recordings

The recordings of all the LA webinar sessions are available below.

27th August 2021

Key updates

 Point release: Vulcan portal release is unfortunately pushed back a week and is pencilled in for the week commencing 6 September. AUP update: Tied to the Vulcan release is the change to the portal to include the new AUP which includes overseas use. Legacy Hostnames: An FAQ has been created, the support site will be updated with this shortly. NHSmail Roadmap: The NHSmail Roadmap is now available on the support pages  – calling: Having spoken to Accenture, and by extension the O365 team, the position is that the option has never been available. We require further evidence to progress this. Currently investigation is being raised by TDA to understand why it was disabled by default and the impact of re-enabling.  

TA updates

Teams iOS support for version iOS 13 

Microsoft will be retiring the Teams mobile support on iOS version 13 and below. We recommend that users upgrade to newer iOS builds. 

Key points 

  • Timing: The retirement will begin in early October and is expected to complete by mid-October. 
  • Action: Instead of using iOS 13 or below, we recommend updating to OS versions 14 and above. 

How this will affect your organisation: 

The exiting Teams build 3.17.0 will continue to work on iOS 13 devices but there won’t be any app updates going forward. In addition to this, you will not be able to reinstall the build from the app store if you uninstall Teams or reset your device. 

 Online Archive – Auto Archive Policy 

There are now 1 and 3 month options in addition to the existing: 

 Personal six month move to archive 

  • Personal 1 year move to archive 
  • Personal 5 year move to archive 
  • Never move to archive

Early onboarding of iOS and Android –  August 
GA for iOS and Android  September 
Early onboarding of Windows 10 Domain joined and Hololens 2  August 
GA for Windows 10 Domain joined and Hololens 2  September 
Early onboarding of Windows 10 Hybrid Join  October 
GA for Windows 10 Hybrid Join   

EMS dates still on track, if you have any questions please get in contact with Feedback. 

 Browser stats 

370.5K ‎ users working in Microsoft 365 online services on Microsoft Edge Legacy (unsupported) and Internet Explorer. 

 20th August 2021

Key updates

Sev 2 incident Tuesday 17 August (INC23223179 – Delayed email delivery from external domain – RESOLVED). Issue is resolved and the backlog which hit 1.3million at its height was cleared within 4 hours. Legacy Hostnames Guidance (Guidance for Application Accounts) – Guidance contains details of which hostnames will be retired on 7 September as well as key information on use cases associated with the following: Updated Teams meeting recording guidance (Recording Teams Meetings) Permanently deleted accounts – Email addresses attached the permanently deleted accounts cannot be reused. Permanently deleted email addresses have never previously been recycled so this a consolidation of guidance rather than a change in behaviour. Unsupported browser comms – We’re aware that some of you have received blank attachments and the team working to get this corrected ASAP. If you are someone who has received a blank file twice, please contact Feedback and we will pass this to the relevant person on the team for them to respond to you with a new file. External federated groups – External federated groups are an additional element of Guest Access and are not in any way related to Teams federation. What an external federated group allows you as the requestor organisation to do is dynamically manage guest access invites for multiple external users from the same domain in bulk. The support site guidance will be updated to remove the confusion that is currently being caused around this at the moment.
Calendar federation process overview. 

TA update

EMS update for early adopters – Provide progress on Hybrid Join/Co-Management, Overview of BYOD and EMS
Update on Phone system deployment – solution options, early adopter interest
End of life support for Microsoft 356 App. 

13th August 2021

Key updates

App enablement within the NHSmail shared tenant All app enablement requests should be submitted via Feedback and go through a technical assessment before any decisions around enabling or not enabling them are made. Further information on the technical assessment process can be found here: Application Hurdle Assessment. Disabling accounts for maternity/long term sick (Disabling a user account) Reminder that it is considered best practice for all accounts for users on either maternity leave or long term sick (or other long term leave) should be marked as disabled in the NHSmail portal by Local Administrators. Calendar federation The technical guidance for calendar federation has recently been updated on the NHSmail support site to include better differentiation between what is needed to federate between Exchange Online and Exchange on-premise instances. The updated guidance can be found here: NHSmail calendar federation partner guidance A full overview of the end to end process to request calendar federation will be provided on 20 August webinar. Legacy hostname – PLA comms sent week ending 6 August. Legacy hostname decommission will take place on 7 September 2021. TLS versions Please be aware Microsoft plans to deprecate Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1 in Office 365. Legacy browsers Starting on 1 November 2021, minimum versions of Outlook for Windows you need to be using to be able to connect to Microsoft 365 services, such as Exchange Online. Office versions and connectivity to Office 365 services – Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs NHSmail roadmap A new version will be published on the support site shortly.  


Intune Survey – Pipeline questionnaire. PST Ingestion Accenture’s PST ingestion service is currently on track from general availability from week commencing 23 August 2021. Supporting documentation will be made available nearer to the time. The testing for the BDS/Quest equivalent service is going through its final stages and we hope to confirm an availability date for this soon.  General updates on migrations can be found here: FastTrack and tenant to tenant migration update – NHSmail Support. The following tooling has been review and approved: SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT), Quest Essentials , Quest Content Matrix. Backup requirements A survey will be shared with organisations over the coming weeks to collate requirements for backup capabilities. 

6th Aug 2021 – 1st half of the webinar 

6th Aug 2021 – 2nd half of webinar

NB – due to a recording issue the webinar recording is in two parts.

Key updates

Work over the coming 3 weeks on the infrastructure, no impact expected – Information – Planned Infrastructure Changes – NHSmail Support. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) INC22958107 – Incident – RESOLVED – NHSmail Support now resolved, root cause still being identified. Legacy host name decommissioning, 7 September – targeted comms to PLA with accounts using protocols have been sent. Intune – remember to submit your survey, detail on the support site and portal.  N365 Shared Tenant Virtual training – NHSmail Support – available throughout August. N365 townhall recording published – N365 Shared Tenant Town hall Events – NHSmail Support. Intune comms – brief out to wider team.  DPIA is published – brief out to wider team. New external email disclaimer. Tech update: Browser update – 385+ users still on legacy browsers, targeted comms to PLA expected next week. PST from accenture should be ready W/C 19 August, PST from Quest / BDS – updates will be provided in the coming weeks. Bit Titan GA W/C 23 August. EMS Adoption – Overview of scope of coming deliverables. Phone Systems – Overview of potential solutions for orgs including Operator Connect, Teams Calling plan and Direct Routing, more detail to be available at the next webinar. 

30th July 2021

Key updates

PLAs – you can have more than one, two as a minimum to allow for contingency leave, sick etc Support site and Portal – update re InTune / To register your interest, please complete the NHSmail Intune Service Information Gathering surveyOnboarding Guide for Local Administrators – NHSmail Support.  Legacy host name decommission – reminder to review infrastructure for services interlinking to NHSmail Updated Escalation and complaints – Complaints and Escalations Process – NHSmail Support.  CVI issue fixed Monday – HSCN connections, this is confirmed as now fixed 10% mailbox reminder, take action to reduce – there is a cost implications to buy licences for larger mailboxes, use Online Archive. 

TA updates

Unsupported browsers down to 398k, was over 400k the last time it was mentioned a few weeks ago. PST ingestion service will be GA w/c 16 August. We are currently refreshing the TANSync documentation, no major structural changes, just bringing the versions of OS and SQL up to date HoloLens pilot project is mid-flight with participating organisations preparing their devices and licenses for use on the central tenant. 

23rd July 2021

Key updates

NHSmail recommended best practice that organisations monitor this for their users to ensure that they are not exceeding the 2GB per user per licence. This can be done via running the OneDrive Consumption report on a regular basis and using this to target users who are approaching this limit to work with them to reduce this. Typhoon 2.0 Release (Typhoon 2.0 Release – Content Summary): Key points: Change to O365 reporting schedule to move reporting refresh job from daily to weekly to align with Microsoft data refresh, Change of SharePoint locale settings to UK from US, Timeout error for O365 licence allocation error fixed. Teams Federation (Teams Federation – NHSmail Support) – Overview of new Teams federation process provided. Key points: Federation does not enable file sharing between individuals. Please refer to the following information on the different capabilities provided by Teams federation and Guest Access before raising your request: Introduction to team federation process and capabilities – NHSmail Support and  Introduction to guest access process and capabilities – NHSmail Support. Azure B2B allow list requests will still be required for a federation to be successfully implemented. Where an organisation cannot raise this for themselves (due to having no NHSmail presence) this can be raised on their behalf by the Feedback team. Federation Partnering Agreement (FPA) needs to be completed and signed by a Director-level representative at the organisation who wishes to. Baseline compliance standard for Teams federation is DCB1596 secure email accreditation. Where this cannot be achieved, information on equivalent accepted standards can be requested from the Feedback team. Federation requests will be submitted to Accenture for background configuration in two batches each month on 7th and 21st (or the nearest preceding working day), so please ensure that FPAs and compliance evidence is submitted in advance to ensure it can be checked ahead of the submission date. 

16 July 2021

Key updates

Point release: Typhoon point release will be out on the 20th however as with any release this is subject to change, release notes will be published shortly. Legacy Hostnames: Comms were sent out to LAs this week and next week we’ll be following up directly with organisations that have specific accounts that are linking in with the legacy protocols. MS teams rooms guidance: We’ve updated the MS Teams Rooms guide- an additional licence is required for setting up Teams room devices which wasn’t the case earlier. email: A standard update to the security patterns had the unforeseen impact of legitimate emails going to junk, many thanks to everyone who raised tickets, the supplier has now rectified the issues, whilst we’re on the subject of junk. HSSI details: The update from Microsoft for Root cause: A section of infrastructure, responsible for facilitating mailbox requests, was performing below acceptable performance thresholds. MS Teams Collaboration Invites have increased: As mentioned previously this as per design, an MS Business Impact Analysis has been sent to MS to request a design change and we’ll keep you updated on progress. 

TA updates

Browser stats – There are still currently 411k users utilising legacy browsers. CVI DNS fault – There are currently issues with some orgs attempting to use CVI over an HSCN connection. Accenture are investigating the issue. Teams Live Component is coming later this year – Fluid components in Teams chat allow end users to send a message with a table, action items, or a list that can be co-authored and edited by everyone in line and in the future will be shareable across Office applications like Outlook. Microsoft will begin rolling this out in mid-August and expect to complete rollout late August. We’re currently reviewing this new feature. Intune Survey is scheduled to be published next week. As mentioned in previous LA webinars,work is ongoing to deliver NHSmail Intune – a new, cloud-based centralised mobile device management (MDM) service.  The NHSmail Intune solution will centralise device management under NHSmail’s Intune tenant, while maintaining a high degree of customisation, oversight and local autonomy for organisations. Testing is ongoing with general availability of the service planned for the near future. Priority for General Availability is being given to mobile devices (iOS/iPadOS and Android) first, with Windows10 and HoloLens2 to follow shortly after. If your organisation has not yet completed an expression of interest questionnaire, but is interested in utilising the service, please keep an eye on the support site as we plan to update the site with a link to the survey next week. 

09 July 2021

Key updates

Point release due in the latter part of next week – this will cover some key updates regarding O365 reporting available in the portal. Further information will be published via the support site next week. Retirement of legacy hostnames/service URLs (Advanced Notice: Retirement of legacy hostnames/service URLs). Communications will be sent out to LAs regarding the retirement of legacy hostnames/service URLs in the coming weeks which outline the details of the hostnames being retired and any actions that are need around updating any relevant configuration details. The affected hostnames/service URLs will be permanently disabled on 7 September 2021. Regular reminder communications will also be sent. Company Communicator First message due to be sent out on Monday 12 July. Regular users of NHSmail teams will see this when they log in to Teams on Monday morning. Infrequent users will see this come through after a short time delay once they have logged into Teams for the first time after Monday 12 July. It is worth noting that this has now been re-badged as O365 Update and will be used in a similar manner to All User email communications that have been sent out by the central team to communicate information to the entire NHSmail userbase. Support site updates: Two key IG-related support site updates have been published this week: Joint Data Controller info – Joint Data Controller Table and updated DPIA – Data Protection Impact Assessment. Please disseminate the above updated information to the relevant teams at your organisations as required. Teams federation: Teams federation is now live on the NHSmail service and the support site has been updated to reflect the new process. We would recommend that all organisations review the following intro video which outlines the capabilities provided by Teams federation and an overview of the process as a starting point: Introduction to Teams federation on NHSmail. Further support site information on Teams federation can be found here: Teams Federation – NHSmail Support. If you have any queries about Teams federation that are not covered by the existing guidance, please send these to Virtual Training: Additional Microsoft training session including one on the new Teams webinar functionality will be running throughout July. Further details are on the support site: N365 Shared Tenant Virtual training – NHSmail Support. Upcoming events: Partnership Collaboration Event on Friday 16 July at 10:00am. Professionalism: Polite reminder to all that we should all strive to treat our NHSmail colleagues (including those in the Feedback and Helpdesk teams) with the same professional courtesy and respect as we would expect to be treated with in return. 

TA updates

EMS update for early adopters – Any organisations interested in early adoption at this stage should contact the following email address: The current focus is on Android/iOS early adoption and Windows 10 domain joined. FIDO 2 tokens: A form has been set up to gauge interest/potential uptake of FIDO 2 tokens as an alternative MFA method along with any additional support that may be needed to help organisations enable this for their user base. The form can be accessed here: FIDO 2 survey. Update on phone system deployment -We are currently working with Accenture on the initial stages of phone system deployment within the NHSmail shared tenant. Further updates on this work will be briefed out on future webinars. Microsoft Security Update – Microsoft Security Update – Printer Spooler Vulnerability. Legacy browsers – We’ve had a further drop in numbers here, but still have a long way to go at this stage.

02 July 2021

Key updates

  • Support site and Portal – new items
  • Teams – NHSmail support site embedded within Teams
  • Federation now available and new video/guidance to be published next week
  • Remember the free Microsoft training that is available for the user base
  • Covid public inquiry affecting solely CSU and a change in process to leavers and joiners for those organisations only
  • Legacy host name decommission – look out for the LA bulletin due today and specific LA comms

Presentation on available options to onboard with Accenture provided by Andrew Pearson

Technical update from Matt Brownhill: Migration: Bulk creation of Sharepoint and Teams site to migrate into sites; and the Bulk application of permissions to those teams/Sharepoint sites or users OneDrive’s – exact availability dates are being confirmed for an automated service and for an interim solution. PST ingestion service – This has slipped and has been escalated at all levels. Alternative solutions products and suppliers are being progressed. RFC guidance for on and off boarding – Guidance and RFC form has been created and is being published on the Migration pages very soon. Offboarding Guidance is being produced. Further updates regarding other developments including FastTrack are expected in the coming days. Allusers.ods: We believe we have identified the issue and are working on the required remediation. Until then please do not use these security groups if you’ve had them created already. Timescales are to be confirmed but the intention is ASAP. Blocked filetype: Annual review is being completed and the permanent relaxation of media files has been proposed across all capabilities. Licences: Power Platform (no capacity SKU) – Being enabled. SP and OD additional Storage SKU. Being enabled. Bug fixes: Bulk import of users into a policy – will be part of next release. B2B requests disappearing – Root cause identified – re-working the validation logic. Reporting: The Office 365 usage reports are being changed to a weekly refresh frequency. Change should be applied next week. Browsers- Office Support: Starting on November 1, 2021, the following versions are the minimum versions of Outlook for Windows you need to be using to be able to connect to Microsoft 365 services, such as Exchange Online.

  • Version 1706 of Microsoft 365 Apps
  • Version 16.0.4600.1000 of Office 2016 (with the November 2017 Update, KB 4051890)
  • Version 15.0.4971.1000 of Office 2013 (Service Pack 1 with the October 2017 Update, KB 4043461)
  • All versions of Outlook 2019 should be able to connect to Microsoft 365 services, but only the most current version is supported.

Even though newer versions of Outlook 2013 might be able to connect to Microsoft 365 services, it’s not supported and you may encounter performance or reliability issues. Versions of Outlook that are newer than those listed, but aren’t the most current (supported) versions, may experience connectivity issues. To find what is the most current (supported) version, see the following articles: Below is the specific link to the Message Centre article. Office versions and connectivity to Office 365 services – Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs. Office versions and connectivity to Office 365 services – Deploy Office. Provides Office admins with information what versions of Office are supported for connecting to Office 365 services and the implications of using older Office clients.

Key updates

NHSmail support site carousel update: Update to the carousel on the NHSmail support site expected over the weekend to provide direct links to CVI, Exchange Online and Public vs Private guidance. Support site embedded into Teams: This change is due to go in this evening and this can then be added by clicking on the 3 dots and searching for support site. Webinar registration form: Change to update the Teams webinar registration form also went in 24/06 to enable the ‘Everyone’ option. Organisations can now select this when organising meetings which have external attendees and all attendees from both inside and outside the NHSmail tenant will be required to complete the registration form. Company Communicator: NHS Digital will soon be making use of this tool to send out short messages to all users within the shared tenant covering a range of key topics around the O365 platform and collaboration tools available on the service. Further details on this are due to be communicated out to LAs in the coming days. Teams federation: Still currently expected to be available from early July and an introductory video – similar to the Guest Access – including a process overview will be made available on the support site very soon. Interim licence allocation process: Interim licence reconciliation process – Local Administrator (LA) Guide – NHSmail Support. Bulk updates known error: Exception Error received when making bulk updates – NHSmail Support. Upcoming events: N365 Shared Tenant Townhall event will take place on Thurs 1 July at 10:30, Shared Tenant IG event will take place on Thurs 8 July at 14:00.  

TA updates

CVI > Now live and general availability: NHSmail roadmap: A new version will be published on the support site shortly. Migration: Bulk creation of SharePoint and Teams site to migrate into sites and the bulk application of permissions to those teams/SharePoint sites or users OneDrive’s – exact availability dates for both the interim solution and overarching automated service for this are still to be confirmed but we hope to have this in the near future. PST ingestion service – our expected timeline for this has slipped, unfortunately. We have escalated this to ensure that this service is made available as soon as possible to organisations and widened the scope of the products/suppliers being included in this as part of the work to make this available as soon as possible. RFC guidance for on and off boarding – guidance and RFC form has been created and will be published on the migration pages shortly. Further updates regarding other developments including FastTrack are expected in the coming days. Gateway The NHSmail gateway (malware and ant-virus protection ) is being upgraded which will allow segregation of and mail-flows. This is due to complete within the next 6 months. Legacy browsers: 421.8K organisations are using unsupported browsers. This is a drop of 60K since last month, so well done to everyone who has been putting in work at their organisation in this space, but we still have some way to go to ensure that all users are accessing the service via supported browsers. 

18 June 2021

11 June 2021

Key updates

Online Archive (Exchange Online Archiving Guidance and FAQs – NHSmail Support). A new 6 month archiving policy now in place as per popular request. Further information regarding Online Archive can be found on the support site link above. Typhoon release – we are in ongoing discussions with Accenture regarding the Typhoon release and the reporting elements of this release is being treated as a high priority. Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) – we are expecting the CVI team to present on this new capability on next week’s webinar.  

TA updates

CVI Testing of the new CVI capabilities which will allow organisations to make use of their legacy video conferencing set ups has gone well and we expect this to be generally available on the service in the coming weeks. Further information will be made available via the upcoming presentation and the NHSmail support site. Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows version update: Changes to the Microsoft Teams Rooms application on Windows will take place on 28 June across the Teams service as a whole. The minimum application version requirement will be updated to v4.7.19.0. If the version of the application that your organisation is running is not updated to the new minimum version ahead of 28 June, you will be unable to sign in to Teams via the Teams Rooms application. Please ensure that all relevant devices are updated to the new minimum version. Further information can be found on the Microsoft website:

Legacy Browsers

458k users are still currently using legacy browser at this stage which need to be updated. This is a 14k drop since 27 May, which is testament to the great work that LA teams are doing in this space. Keep it up and let’s see if we can get that figure down further by the end of June. 

4 June 2021

Key updates

Sev 3 incident (INC21618413 – Incident- RESOLVED – NHSmail Support) Small number of users unable to use Issue quickly identified and investigated by Accenture. Fully resolved by 8pm on the same day after a period of post incident monitoring to confirm this.Typhoon portal release – 03/06/2021 (Portal – Typhoon 2.0 Release – NHSmail Support). Teams call recording issue – (Known issue: Teams call recording). Proactive work to resolve the Teams call recording issue continues and the fix for this was due to be tested over 4/5/6 June. Any further updates on the issue will be added to the support site information as they become available. Hygiene activities due to commence from this week. This will initially target the oldest Active ‘Leaver’ accounts which are eligible for deletion. Upcoming events: Fasttrack & Partnership Collaboration webinar – Fri 11 June at 10am – Please email to request an invite to this session.

TA updates

MS Teams Upgrade. Move away from Skype for Business to Teams due to take place on 19 August 2021. Any existing Skype for Business users will find that this is replaced by Teams at this point.  


Actively seeking early adopters for iOS and Android at this stage. If you would like to register your organisations interest as an early adopter, please contact

Please note that the recording for 03 July is not available

28 May 2021

Key updates

Service updates: Severity 2 incident (INC21369143 – HSSI – RESOLVED – NHSmail Support). Delays to email being sent from external domains to NHSmail recipients. Incident investigated by Accenture & Microsoft engineers who identified an issue regarding the NHSmail domain being block listed. Issue resolved and full backlog cleared.  Accenture are continuing to work closely with MS to put proactive measures in place to prevent this reoccurring and a root cause analysis is currently being worked through. Portal outage: (INC21379065 – HSSI – RESOLVED – NHSmail Support). Infrastructure issue caused a total Portal outage for 11 mins on Tuesday afternoon, but quickly identified and resolved by the Accenture team. Preventative actions have been taken by Accenture to ensure that this issue does not repeat itself. Teams call recording issue: (Teams Call Recording issue – NHSmail Support). An issue has now been identified and the support site information has been updated to reflect this. Upcoming events: IG Live Event –  3 June at 1:00pm and Fasttrack & Partnership Collaboration webinar – 11 June at 10:00am. If you’d like to join either event, please contact Feedback and the team will pass your details to the relevant event leads. Future functionality (service updates): Teams federation: Currently aiming to have Teams federation up and running for general availability on NHSmail by the end of June. Portal release – Typhoon: Next portal release is expected in early June (subject to the successful completion of testing). An overview of what will be included in the Typhoon release can be found here: NHSmail – Portal Release Schedule – NHSmail Support. Security groups: We currently expect the Typhoon release to include the alluser.ods security group functionality. Further guidance on how this can be requested will be published in time for the portal release. 

TA updates

Migration related: SPMT This has now been updated on the support site – FastTrack and tenant to tenant migration update – NHSmail SupportQuest Content Matrix and Essential tooling: Guidance for this is due to be published imminently. Migration related capabilities coming soon: Bulk creation of SharePoint and Teams site to migrate into sites, Bulk application of permissions to those Teams/SharePoint sites or users OneDrives, PST ingestion service, Self off-boarding guidance, RFC guidance for on and off boarding. Migration Tooling: Further updates on additional tooling and FastTrack offerings will be made in the coming weeks. O365 changes/updates: Online Archive policy enhancement: Request has been raised with Microsoft to enhance the online archive policy and provide a custom archive policy of 6 months. Teams changes: Teams auto recording will be disabled in the NHSmail shared tenant. Teams webinar registration page will be open to either external attendees or all attendees depending on how a meeting is configured.

Security and Governance: Legacy browsers – 482.3K identities are using unsupported browsers.


Early onboarding of iOS and Android – July
GA for iOS and Android August
Early onboarding of Windows 10 Domain joined and Hololens 2 August
GA for Windows 10 Domain joined and Hololens 2 September
Early onboarding of Windows 10 Hybrid Join October
GA for Windows 10 Hybrid Join November
CVI: Cloud Video Interoperability

Anticipated within the next 2-3 weeks for general availability.


We are beginning to look at the technical ability for us working with Jisc and GovRoam/.gov Wi-Fi so that access can be authenticated using NHSmail credentials at local organisations sites/buildings.

21 May 2021

Key updates

LA Bulletin (14 May) The LA bulletin went out last week Local Administrator (LA) bulletin – 14 May 2021 – NHSmail Support which included information on NHSmail shared tenant IG Community and Teams Channel, N365 shared tenant virtual training, 10% large mailbox quota update, Exchange Online archiving, specifically about Licencing expiry and renewal, Private vs Public settings and updated Junk Email guidance. N365 shared tenant live (27 May) – Next N365 shared tenant live event which is scheduled on Thursday 27 May at 10:30 was publicised in the Broadcast channel on how to register, may want to pass this detail over to other members of your wider team who would ordinarily attend these events. DPIA – The next IG webinar Thursday 3 June at 13:00 will focus on DPIA. Infrastructure changes – The infrastructure changes we’d announced on the Announcements page have now fully completed, effectively we are now out of the data centre. Typhoon release – New portal release is now expected in week commencing 31 May. 

14th May 2021

Key updates

Portal Migration Azure AD on 15 May (NHSmail Portal – Planned Maintenance 15/05 – NHSmail Support)- NHSmail Portal migration to Azure AD due to take place on 15 May 2021. During this time, the portal will be unavailable and a banner announcement will in place to inform any users or LAs accessing the portal during the change window that it is temporarily down for maintenance. EXO account creation (15 May) -Interim EXO account creation change will also take place on 15 May. This change is the next step in moving account creation fully over to EXO and we recommend that LAs wait an hour between creating new accounts and making any changes to new user accounts to allow for them to migrate over to Exchange Online. Junk Mail ( Junk Mail Guidance Update – NHSmail Support) – New Junk Mail guidance now available on the support site which provides additional steps that organisations can undertake if they are seeing issues with false positives that will help resolve this issue. In addition to this, the Helpdesk team have also put in place a new minimum data set that will help to better capture and assess the scale of the issue in each case and provide the most appropriate support. Incident Procedure (Incident Procedure) A new guidance page has been published on the support site which outlines and clarifies the incident procedure for the NHSmail. This guidance should help to clarify the steps that the Helpdesk team take to initially triage incidents along with further information regarding RFIs and re-opening tickets if an issue persists after a resolution has been provided. Portal slowness – This issue has been investigated by Accenture and proactive monitoring continues at this stage. Email sending issues (Thurs 13/05) – The issue identified affecting sent emails for some users/organisations has been investigated by Accenture in liaison with the relevant third party supplier and a resolution is being actively put in place to ensure the affected emails are delivered. 

TA updates

SharePoint/Team sites now support both the classic & modern template experience. Teams meetings will now support up to 1000 members. Once the number of members in the meeting reaches more than 1000, Teams will automatically create a town hall style event. We are working on a process to bulk create SharePoint and Teams sites for orgs migrating into NHSmail. This is currently expected to be available to organisations from the end of June. The recent Microsoft notification regarding the default recording of Teams meeting will not be enabled within the NHSmail shared tenant environment.

7th May 2021

Key updates

Portal migration to Azure AD – On Sat 8 May the NHSmail portal will be unavailable for up to two hours whilst the change takes place and a banner will appear on the Portal during this time making users aware that the portal is down for maintenance.  Sentry 1.1 portal release – announcement of the successful implementation for Sentry 1.1 to fix the duplicate toggle. Create new user/shared mailbox –during the same Portal Migration change window on Saturday 08 May, a solution is being implemented to the new user/shared mailbox creation process. An FAQ and Support site guidance will be published shortly. Autodiscover change –Brief mention of the Autodiscover change planned in for the Tuesday 11 May, this change is expected to be non-user impacting. A placeholder will be added to the Support site highlighting that NHSmail infrastructure changes are going ahead on the Tuesday. NHSmail process updates – Update that based on LA/user feedback, changes to process and supporting documentation relating to Complaints & Escalations, and the Clinical Safety incident process and Clinical Safety case are all planned to be uplifted on the Support site in the next couple of weeks, if not, sooner. 

TA updates

New reporting capability is being developed into the portal for Licence management – Apps for enterprise usage and user license allocation across the O365 licences and when the capability was last utilised. MyAnalytics – Concerns form IG and data protection being addressed before progressing further. SPMT – This has now been updated on the support site – FastTrack and tenant to tenant migration update – NHSmail Support. Fido 2 – Additional MFA capability being introduced and is targeted for end of June. Legacy Browser usage: past 30 days.

Important note: – the portal migration to Azure AD will now take place on Sat 15 May – NHSmail Portal – Planned Maintenance 15/05 – NHSmail Support

30th April 2021

Key updates

Portal migrating to Azure AD on 8 May (NHSmail Portal – Planned Maintenance – NHSmail Support). NHSmail portal will be unavailable for up to two hours whilst the change takes place and a banner will appear on the portal during this time making users aware that the portal is down for maintenance. Duplicate toggles in user policies issue – A bug has been identified after the Sentry release which is causing an issue where by duplicate toggles are appearing in user policies. This bug may also be causing Teams call recording errors for some users. Both issues are under investigation by Accenture and a fix is undergoing testing for a potential future point release to resolve this. Toggle for non-admin user Teams creation – to request that this functionality is switched on for your organisation, please contact the NHSmail Helpdesk via to request this and the team will enable this for your organisation. 10% 50GB mailbox allocations – review work around this will commence shortly and target those organisations who are using in excess of their 10% allocation. Communications to the affected organisations will be sent out in the coming weeks and further updates provided on future LA webinars.  

Technical Architects (TAs) update

Privacy Alerts – Overview of proactive and automated monitoring delivering alerts to LAs. EMS – Covered off updates on EMS project at a very high level including technical capabilities. Security Enchantments – Reduce NHS cyber risk, provide better intelligence to NHS by enhancing core security features. 

23 April 2021

Key updates

Application hurdle assessment page has been updated to show the details of what has been enabled so far. This page will continue to be enabled with the details of hurdle assessments for any future enablements: Application Hurdle Assessment – NHSmail Support. Sentry release went in successfully on 21 April (Portal – Sentry Release – NHSmail Support). Teams Usage Report now live: shows Team Owners, number of members and number of guests within each Team that your organisation has created.Teams creation for non-admin users now live – Creating a team and adding owners or members and permission levels for non admin users – NHSmail Support. This functionality needs to be enabled by an LA for the organisation before non-admin users can create new Teams. Once enabled, any newly created Teams will generate a notification that sends to all the LAs within an organisation asking them to approve or reject the newly created team. Teams email addresses will now be hidden from the GAL – this includes newly created and already created Teams. MFA self-enrol is now live – further guidance on this is available on the support site (Self-Enrol for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) – NHSmail Support). Private vs Public settings reminder (Private vs. public settings in Microsoft Teams – NHSmail Support). YourVoice ideas forum launched on 22 April 2021. TA updated provided by Matt Brownhill including details of upcoming features and early FIDO2 information for organisations to consider their procurement strategy for FIDO tokens prior to this going live within the shared tenant. 

9 April 2021

Key updates

Portal release – likely due next week, overview of key items provided. Online Archive – please brief this message to your user base, cost saving and improves mailbox management. Please complete this Form if a .pst ingestion service for Online Archive is appropriate. Shared tenant training aimed at low/medium level maturity to promote usage of the tools we have, please brief to your organisation and encourage take up. Expectations for PLAs are to keep their organisation and senior team updated with relevant updates from NHSmail and to brief and share those updates. Remember you can have multiple PLA from a contingency/sick/leave perspective. Public vs Private – we are still seeing sites being placed as public when the information within those sites/channels look to need a private tag please reinforce this message. Licence management renewals do, please arrange in plenty of time. Partnership collaboration and FastTrack service meeting has moved to 23 April, please contact feedback for an invite –

26 March 2021

Key updates

Rangoon 1.2 release successful- (Portal – Rangoon 1.2 Release – NHSmail Support). SMTP change – this has been re-scheduled for 29 and 30 March post further acceptance testing. The impact of the change of date for the SMTP change is that account creation in EXO has moved. We currently have no set date for this, but any newly created accounts are moved to EXO on a daily basis. Sentry release – this is currently expected for mid-April. MS issue – an issue reported to the Helpdesk on 22 March regarding an intermittent exception error identified a previously unknown issue within Microsoft’s infrastructure and allowed a same-day fix to be deployed to resolve this. This shows the importance of reporting incidents to the NHSmail Helpdesk to enable tracking and early problem identification. Full details on announcements page (Microsoft Alert – Service Degradation: Exchange Online – Some users may be unable to access the Exchange Online service using either Outlook on the web or Exchange ActiveSync – NHSmail Support). Egress overview. 

19 March 2021

Key updates

Town Hall / IG webinars – natural cross over but please keep specific questions to those forums. Call recording – ability to record restored for this webinar, ticket raised with Microsoft to understand why. Incidents: Wednesday – NHSmail Portal Unavailable, recycled some services to restore service. Now – having an issue with delayed email, unlikely to be noticed by general user but those with applications monitoring might notice that delay. SMTP/high sending solution – to start next Tuesday/Thursday. Portal release – minor release due tonight (Rangoon 1.2) plus future releases will be updated this afternoon. Please visit the Portal Release Schedule for further information on the portal release and capability road map.  

12 March 2021 – no recording available

Key updates

Junk email – working through some options with our joint technical teams please continue to report issues. NHS Digital Data Security Centre offer a phishing simulation service. High sending accounts/SMTP migration – targeting 16 March, staggered over a couple of days to ensure stability, working with organisations that have previously had a large impact. EXO account creation still ongoing work with Microsoft. Sentry release – not expected until April, so we will have a Rangoon 1.2 release, content being refined. Despite best efforts of support team during the event itself, recording was not able to be enacted.

5 March 2021– no recording available

Key updates

Project plan 3 and 5 now available in the portal, support site has been updated. CSOC – Exchange Server Critical Vulnerabilities . NHS Digital CSOC team have provided the following critical alert to NHS organisations and their suppliers for immediate action. NHSmail technical team have confirmed they have fully patched the infrastructure in accordance with Microsoft guidelines. Junk mail – team are reviewing but third party suppliers do have obligations to ensure their sending meets the framework for SPF/DKIM/DMARC, they can use mxtoolbox or similar tools. HoloLens Remote Assist – about to start testing and looking to roll out Q2. Graph API – guidance to be developed. Power Platform Environment Strategy – more from default to new dedicated environment. GP locums – those funded via NHS England/Improvements managed by NAS do have licences allocated, those with a “parent site” eg CCG, are not covered by the NAS. Working towards a solution

26 February 2021 – no recording available icon was greyed out for all users

Key updates

SMTP migration – now provisionally 3rd and 4th March, EXO create user – still going through test with Microsoft colleagues, no date available, incident – with queued email, IG Live Event on March 11, TLS will enacted over next few months, Helpdesk Self Service (HSS) overview. 

19 February 2021

Key updates

EXO account creation 24 February, SMTP migration 25/26 February, orgs to create their own MFA policy, weekend changes updated on the support site, Teams recordings, CVI on track for Late Q1, EM&S – on track for Q2, phone system – Investigating deployment and capabilities with the appropriate RBAC in place, recordings transcription is being investigated and discussion around desk tickets and initiatives to improve end organisation perception. 

12 February 2021

05 February 2021

29 January 2021

22 January 2021

15 January 2021

8 January 2021 – no recording due to meeting rescheduled

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