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NHSmail FastTrack File Share Migrations | Requirements

NHSmail FastTrack Programme

1. Overview

The FastTrack File Share migration is a time limited service running until June 2024.  This service is offered on a first come first served basis in conjunction with Microsoft.

Organisations wishing to register their interest in onboarding File Share data onto the NHSmail platform, are advised to review the guidance below and complete this FastTrack Registration Form

2. Why migrate?

Migrating your NHS organisation’s data from local file shares to Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online offers clear benefits that can transform how your organisations information is managed, shared and stored. Below are some of the benefits for migrating your data 

  1. Seamless Accessibility Across the NHS: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online offer a secure cloud-based platform that allows NHSmail users with appropriate permissions, to access vital documents from any location.  
  2. Enhanced Collaboration and Coordination:  OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online facilitate real-time collaboration on a range of documents, managing collaboration across organisational boundaries in a safe and compliant way.  
  3. Robust Data Security and Compliance: Microsoft’s cloud services adhere to rigorous security standards and provide robust features such as encryption, data loss prevention, and identity management. This ensures that data remains confidential, and compliant with data protection guidelines. 
  4. Reliable Data Backup and Recovery: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online offer automated backups and robust disaster recovery capabilities, allowing NHSmail organizations to quickly restore records and documents in case of unforeseen events, ensuring business continuity. 
  5. Increased data storage and scalability: With up to 1TB of personal storage and 10GB of SharePoint storage per user, there is more than enough capacity to suit the needs of most organisations. If more storage is needed, it is very easy to add more capacity. 
  6. Advanced Search and Documentation: OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online employ powerful search algorithms and metadata tagging, simplifying the retrieval of important
  7. Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability: Migrating your date to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online can lead to significant cost savings by reducing the need for on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, it aligns with sustainability goals by decreasing energy consumption and your organisations carbon footprint.
  8. Improved Patient Experience: Timely access to documents and safe sharing can contribute to a better patient experience

3. FastTrack Requirements

The pre-requisites below are requirements that need to be understood prior to completing the FastTrack registration form.

3.1 Licensing Requirements

The below requirements need to be fulfilled for organisations. Failure to fulfil licensing requirements will cause a delay.

  • Sufficient national M365 E3 (Enhanced Service) or F3 (Standard Service) licences are available to the organisation to support the volmes of data transferred.
    • Each national M365 E3 licence allocates 10GB of SharePoint Online and 1TB of OneDrive for Business storage.
    • Each national M365 F3 licence allocates 2GB of SharePoint Online and 2GB of OneDrive for Business storage.
  • If additional storage is required, the organisation will need to procure additional top-up licenses (e.g., E1, E3, E5) that offers additional storage for the organisation
  • If additional clarification on licensing is required, please contact the licensing team at Windows10@nhs.net with ‘FastTrack FileShare licensing query’ in the subject line

3.2 Key Pre-requisites

All organisation resources who perform File Share to OneDrive/SharePoint migrations should be able to meet the pre-requisites below prior to migration. These will be discussed in depth with organisations following the registration of interest.

  1. Committed resource available to support the project
  2. Organisation will be required to supply local virtual machines to host the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) and meet the hardware requirements and support external internet access
  3. Relevant and required device and Operating System licensing (e.g., Windows 10/11), and valid patch management processes in place.
  4. All VMs must be maintained will the latest operating system patches and security fixes monthly throughout the migration process
  5. Organisations will be required to work with Microsoft and Accenture on the creation of SharePoint security groups/synchronisation with current Teams sites to support the file transfer.
  6. Organisations are required to utilise TANsync or BDS Directory Manager for user account synchronisation

4. Completing the Registration Form

  • Organisations are invited to complete the FastTrack Registration Form.  Once complete the NHSmail Team will reach out and initiate discussions re migration.
  • Please include all requested information in order to be successful with your registration.
  • The Local Administrator (LA) who completes the Onboarding Request Form will be assumed to be the Onboarding Manager and will be regarded as the key point of contact at the organisation.
Last Reviewed Date 05/02/2024
Updated on 05/02/2024

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