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Acceptable Use Policy


Whilst the design and operation of a secure email system is a key part of making sure it is secure, it is also an obligation of users to make sure they use the service properly and without doing anything to compromise the security of the information that they send or receive. For this reason, every NHSmail user is required to accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) when they register for the service. This is their promise to all NHSmail users and the public and patients we serve, that they will be mindful of the importance of the information that they share over NHSmail.

Document information and downloads

  • Introduction
  • General information about NHSmail O365 Shared Tenant
  • Your responsibilities when using NHSmail O365 Shared Tenant
    • General responsibilities when using NHSmail
    • Responsibilities when using the NHSmail email service
    • Responsibilities when using the NHS Directory service
    • Responsibilities when using your calendar
    • Information governance issues
  • Using NHSmail services to exchange sensitive information

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Updated on 30/12/2021

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