O365: Platform Sync Timings

Please note when the below mentioned actions are performed the synchronisation may take some time. Please allow the synchronisation to complete for changes to take effect.

Please only raise a ticket with the helpdesk once the below sync times have lapsed.

Sync Time


Please wait up to 15 minutes for: • Password Reset – 2-3 minutes to update
• A blank Mailbox update to complete the synchronisation across the platform
Please wait up to 60 minutes for: • Unlock activities for accounts locked in O365 (i.e. hosted on Exchange Online)
• Synchronisation of  a Shared Mailbox’s name change with exchange
Please wait up to 120 minutes for: • Acceptance of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to replicate across the NHSmail platform
Please wait up to 8 hours for: • Change in status of newly created accounts from MigrationPending state to Active state
Please wait up to 24 hours for: • Updates to the Global Address List (GAL) to replicate across the platform
• MS Teams changes such as policy updates or user configuration changes, etc. to replicate across the NHSmail platform
• The restore process, reattaching the mailbox attributes to replicate across the NHSmail platform
• Static Distribution List (SDL) and Dynamic Distribution List (DDL) updates
Please wait up to 48 hours for: • Synchronisation of attribute updates from your NHSmail Portal profile with Yammer.
Please wait up to 30 Days for: • Provision of additional quota for an auto-expanding archive mailbox, with a size over 90 GB.
Last Reviewed Date 27/09/2022


Updated on 28/09/2022

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