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Personal Storage Table (PST) Ingestion service

What is a PST (Personal Storage Table) file?

This is an Outlook Data File (.pst) which contains your email messages and other Outlook items which is saved on your local computers hard disc or shared file server. A user can create multiple PST files which are attached to the Outlook client.

The Accenture NHSmail migrations can provide a service for the ingestion of PST files into the We can offer the following capabilities:

Where PST Files are unknown in the estate:

Discovery phase:

The discovery phase searches an organisation’s entire estate for any PST files that reside on their users’ local machines. The PST data is then uploaded and stored to an Azure BLOB (Binary Large Object) within the NHSmail tenant. Once the discovery finishes a complete view of all PST files is available for review whereby a report is provided to the requesting user on the items found.

Ingest phase:

Once the discovery phase is completed  the ingestion process can begin. Once completed the PST data is migrated to the users’ archive folder.

Where PST files known in the estate:

If the PST files located on file servers are known the discovery phase step does not need to go ahead and can move to the ingestion process. The PST data is migrated to the users’ archive folder.

As part of the service, we can also stop the ability for PST files to be extended (i.e adding any additional data into the PST file) and for users to create any new PST files.

Further information

To provide a quotation for this service, please provide the following information to NHSmail.central@accenture.com in an Microsoft Excel CSV file for the PST files in scope:

  1. Name of PST file
  2. Location (full path) of the PST file
  3. Size of PST file (GB)
  4. The owner of the PST file (the users nhs.net email address)

If the above information is not available and a discovery phase is required, a quotation can be provided. Please allow 4–6-weeks for the discovery phase process to be completed. After this period, Accenture can provide a more comprehensive follow-up quotation.

If you are interested in the PST ingestion service or require further information please send an email to the NHSMail.Central@accenture.com and a representative from the team will schedule a call.

Last Reviewed Date 06/07/2023
Updated on 18/10/2023

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