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Using the NHS Directory (People Finder)

You can use the NHS Directory to search for the details (email, telephone number, pager, organisation details) of other colleagues who use NHSmail. You will also be able to search for shared mailboxes, distribution lists, and NHS Directory contacts. You may, for example, want to search the NHS Directory if you are looking for email or telephone details of a specialist in another hospital for an onward referral

To search for an entry within the NHS Directory:

People finder1. Click People Finder in the navigation bar at the top of the screen


PF 22. In the search box type the first name, last name or the email address you want to search and press the enter key



PF 3





Handy Hint

If you need to narrow your search further, use the Advanced Search icon. Choose the criteria to be used from the drop-down menus, for example, Type and then User. To add further criteria, for example, Role, Specialty, click the Add Rule icon and choose the appropriate options from the drop-down menu


You can also search on organisation by selecting Organisation from the first drop down menu and then typing the organisation’s name (or part of its name) in the next box.

PF 43. Click on the account name to view further information




PF 5The search will display all the results that match your search criteria

After clicking on the account name, you will see the following information


Handy Hint

You should use the NHS Directory to ensure you are contacting the correct person by looking at their Organisation. This is important when two users have the same name

PF 6When searching the NHS Directory for a contact entry, you will be able to tell that they are a contact and not an NHSmail user as it says (Contact) after their name and there is a contact book icon next to their name as per the screenshot below:


Last Reviewed Date 20/08/2019


Updated on 30/06/2022
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