Setting a user account secret

New users of NHSmail are required to set their user account secret via the NHSmail Portal to complete their initial account setup. The user account secret will be used to verify your identity in certain scenarios. For example, if you need to contact your Local Administrator to unlock your account or reset your password on your behalf.

Important Note: You will never be asked for the full user account secret, only individual characters from it. You should never share it with anyone as this will compromise the security of your NHSmail account.

1. Login to your account

2. Read the Acceptable Use Policy, scroll down to the bottom and click on Accept.

If you have already accepted the AUP and need to reset your user account secret, please refer to the following article:

3. Complete or update your Profile information and click on Next.

4. Set your user account secret following the below criteria:

  • It must contain only letters
  • It must not be your name or your organisation’s name
  • It must be longer than 8 characters
          • It cannot be the same as any of your 5 previously registered secrets, if you have set any before

5. Click on Save, a pop-up message will appear confirming your AUP acceptance.

Additional Information:

If you forget your user account secret, you should contact a Local Administrator in your organisation to discuss the local process of how you can alternatively authenticate yourself.

PODS users please contact directly.

Once your identity has been confirmed, your LA will have the ability to resecure your account. On next login, you will be prompted to re-accept the AUP and set a new user account secret. For further information on this process, refer to Reset a user account secret article.

Last Reviewed Date 07/07/2023
Updated on 07/07/2023

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