Reset a user account secret

The user account secret is required to verify your identity in certain scenarios. For example, if you need to contact a Local Administrator or helpdesk agent to unlock your account or reset your password on your behalf.

Users are not able to reset their user account secret themselves due to security purposes. If you have forgotten it, please contact over the phone a Local Administrator in your organisation; please note NHSmail helpdesk agent will not be able to authenticate you, and this activity must be carried out following each organisation’s policies.

PODS users please do contact NHSmail helpdesk.

Additional Information:

Once your identity has been confirmed by your Local Administrator, they will proceed to resecure your account. On next login, you will be prompted to re-accept the AUP and set a new user account secret. If guidance is required, you can follow Setting a user account secret article. Please note that you must complete this process within the following 30 days to avoid your account become inactive and then be eligible for deletion by the hygiene process.

Last Reviewed Date 07/07/2023
Updated on 07/07/2023

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