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NHSmail will introduce a new method for organisations to automatically publish people data (e.g. contact telephone numbers) to the Service. In the past NHSmail has supported three methods of managing people data for the service.

  •  Manual data update: Manually creating, updating and removing people directly
    within the NHSmail administration portal;
  •  Push Connector: Emailing a comma separated value (.csv) file to
  • Pull Connector: Setting up NHSmail to retrieve people data directly from a local
    data source.

NHSmail will continue to support the manual data updates and Push Connector methods.
The new publishing service will replace Pull Connectors and will be called the Accenture New Synchronisation (TANSync) Service. The TANSync Service provides a new, standards based interface through which to publish people data. This will make updates to people data timely and faster.
This document provides an overview and a non-functional specification of the TANSync Service and is intended to enable organisations to evaluate the requirements for deployment ahead of receiving the software.

The intended audience for this document is highlighted below:

  •  Local Administrators (LAs)
  •  IT Managers

  • About this document
  • Audience
  • Overview of Solution
  • Non-Functional Specification
  • Glossary of Terms

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