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Application Hurdle Assessment

The Application Hurdle Assessment is the process whereby 3rd party/Custom and core Microsoft applications are reviewed by the NHSmail Technical Design Authority (TDA) to determine suitability for integration with the NHSmail Tenant. The purpose of a hurdle assessment is to determine whether an application would cause any significant impact to the NHSmail tenant and if some specific criteria around data residency, security and assurance are satisfied. It is not intended to be a full assessment of whether an application is suitable for use by NHS organisations.

Although assessments are carried out at tenant level and summaries provided, we recommend that local organisations conduct their own internal assessments prior to using an application. This is to ensure the application is appropriate for an organisation’s specific use case in terms of functionality and adheres to any local security or clinical safety requirements.

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Last Reviewed Date 24/03/2021
Updated on 30/06/2022

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