Rejected Applications

This article provides a view of all application requests that have been rejected by the NHSmail Technical Design Authority (TDA). A justification will be provided as to the rationale behind the decision.

Please be aware that any subsequent requests for the same app will be rejected, unless it relates to a newer version.

For further information around approved/rejected NHSmail applications, the request process or application access please visit the following articles:

App Name Date of Rejection
Additional Add-in for 365 for TWINKLE 15/03/2022
Alertive 18/10/2022
Aternity 03/05/2022
Azure VPN Client 13/09/2022
Beep from MedXNote 18/10/2022
Calendly 20/07/2022
Clearooms Room Display v1.5.3 29/04/2022
Company Communicator 06/12/2022
Confluence Cloud 18/10/2022
Convene 18/10/2022
Convene in Teams 05/07/2022
Cronofy (enterprise connect) 31/01/2022
Digital communications 20/07/2022
Diligent Boards 20/07/2022
Draw add in in MS Word 23/11/2022
ER Tracker for Outlook 18/10/2022
Excel-to-Word Document Automation 28/06/2022
Fantastical 22/03/2022
Fantastical calendar 20/07/2022
FMS Employee Resource Scheduler for Outlook 18/10/2022
GoBright 08/11/2022
Google Analytics 07/12/2021
Hyperlinks 18/10/2022
Inspection and Manage inspections 20/07/2022
IRIS Global Search (SPFx WebPart v1.0.0.) 18/10/2022
Kallidus Learn 03/11/2022
Kedance 29/06/2022
Lifesize version 1.0.3 20/07/2022
Mail Merge Toolkit 10/11/2022
MedExNote Beep 20/09/2022
MetaCompliance Azure AD Sync 20/07/2022
Metalogix Essentials 22/12/2021
Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways 26/07/2022
Microsoft Whiteboard 29/04/2022
myWorkNest 18/10/2022
Netwrix 18/10/2022
NHSSBSKIC-Production & NHSSBSKIC-UAT (uses MS Graph for Modern Auth) 18/10/2022
Outlook Mail Merge Attachment 23/08/2022
Perkbox 13/09/2022
Planon Meeting Management 30/08/2022
Power BI add-in for PowerPoint (Power BI in PowerPoint) 18/10/2022
Pulse Outlook Integration & One Touch Join 23/11/2022
RADAR Report Library (SPFx WebPart v1.0.0) 09/05/2022
Refworks 18/10/2022
Spark email client 25/01/2022
Tableau 30/11/2022
UBook 23/08/2022
UiPath 01/03/2022
UiPath New York 04/05/2022
Visio Data Visualizer 30/11/2021
Web Viewer 29/03/2022
Last Reviewed Date 16/01/2023
Updated on 16/01/2023

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