Chadwick 1.0 Release – Content Summary

This NHSmail Portal release is named in honour of Claire Chadwick, nurse consultant in infection prevention and control, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This recognition is for services to the NHS during Covid-19.

Please find below a summary of the main content of the Chadwick 1.0 release which was deployed during 7th July.  To view the full release note for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

BAU Functionality

  • 59611 – MFA – Ability to mark user account as compromised via User Details

This PBI provides Local Admin, Local Primary Admin, Global Admin or Global Helpdesk the ability to mark a user as a compromised account from the portal. A new action button named ‘Mark as Compromised’ is introduced in the user details page as part of this change. Once this action is performed, the user will be marked as disabled in the portal until actions are taken to remediate the account.

  • 59612 – MFA – Ability to reverse a compromised user account via User Details

This PBI is implemented to reverse a compromised account back to a normal. This action is available for the admin roles – Local Admin, Local Primary Admin, Global Admin or Global Helpdesk. Once remediated, the account will be made active again and this will be done using an action button ‘Remediate Compromised Account’ on the user details page.

  • 49403 – Allotments API – Modify logic to increase the page size and iterate through the result pages

By default, there is a subscription visibility limit set on the Allotment API by Microsoft meaning if the number of subscriptions goes above 50 while the subscription is in the tenant it won’t be visible when bringing all results back. This PBI is to increase the page size of the API from 50 to 1024 (max size), then iterate through each page so all subscriptions can be pulled back.

BAU Bug Fixes

  • 50268 – Error occurs when an account attempts to accept AUP and set security Questions

The fix is implemented to remove the error while accepting AUP and setting security questions and answers for a user when the session is idle for a long period but before timeout.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file.

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