Wellington 2.0 Release – Content Summary

Please find below a summary of the main content of the Wellington 2.0 release which was deployed on 27/01/2022.  To view the full release note for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

BAU Functionality

  • 56021 – Enable TLS 1.2 for Twilio as older version will no longer be supported

The NHSmail portal has been updated to force the use of TLS1.2 when connecting to Twilio API endpoints used for sending SMS messages.

  • 55447 – Application account password reset notification template changes

An organisation or trust managing applications accounts will receive notifications that the accounts password is due to expire. The email notification sent out has been updated to make the wording clearer and to include the email address of the application account in the subject and body of the mail.

BAU Bug Fixes

  • 53667 – Bulk account provisioning performance enhancements

Through the NHSmail portal there is the ability to bulk provision accounts through a CSV bulk process, as part of this process records are written into the Audit and people finder store. The implementation of this bug modifies the connection configuration to the audit and people finder store to improve performance of the bulk provisioning process.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file

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