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NHSmail Incident Procedure

This guide provides detailed information about the process involved in answering a query or providing resolution to any ticket raised with NHSmail Helpdesk.

Tickets can be raised with NHSmail Helpdesk via emails, calls or using the Helpdesk Self-Service (HSS) function. When submitting a ticket via the HSS, or over the phone with a Helpdesk Agent, you will need to provide the Minimum Data Set (MDS). Submitting a ticket via email directly to the Helpdesk may result in you being contacted to provide the MDS if the data provided does not provide enough detail. The MDS is required to ensure our Resolver Teams can accurately investigate any tickets raised, irrespective of the method via which a ticket is logged.  It is recommended that, where possible, Local Administrators (LAs) use the HSS functionality as this guarantees the MDS is captured at the point of ticket creation.

For incidents raised via email 

  • Direct your email with the issue/request to  helpdesk@nhs.net
  • A ticket is generated and the ticket reference number is sent to the originating email address from accentureplc@service-now.com as an acknowledgement of the email being received
  • The issue/request  is assessed by the Helpdesk
  • If the ticket contains the relevant MDS to answer the issue/request or to investigate further, it will be either answered by the Helpdesk agent or assigned to one of our Resolver Teams for further investigation
  • Using the details provided in the MDS (and any other information captured), the relevant Resolver Team will investigate and provide guidance or resolve the issue as applicable
Important Note

Do not send emails to accentureplc@service-now.com. This address should only be used when instructed. For example if a user has received an automated notification from the Accenture ServiceNow tool to provide further information as part of a Request for Information (RFI) or, if a user wishes to respond to the initial ticket confirmation email to provide further details of their issue/request.

For incidents raised by phone 

  • A ticket is raised by calling 0333 200 1133 (NHSmail Helpdesk)
  • The Helpdesk agent evaluates the issue and records the relevant MDS; this is then used to create a new incident. If the Helpdesk agent can provide guidance to resolve the issue raised, they will do so. Where this is not possible, they will pass to the relevant Resolver Team
  • Using the details provided in the MDS (and any other information captured), the relevant Resolver Team will investigate and provide guidance or resolve the issue as applicable

Request For Information (RFI) 

            Responses received within 24 hours

  • The NHSmail Helpdesk will submit a RFI to the associated user of the ticket from the Accenture ServiceNow tool (accentureplc@service-now.com) when more information is needed to resolve the issue/request and place the status of the ticket into Awaiting User info
  • The user must respond as directed in the notification email ensuring no changes are made to the email subject line
  • The ticket will be automatically updated in the ServiceNow tool with the additional information provided via the email response for the NHSmail Helpdesk to either progress or re-assign to the appropriate resolver team

Reminder emails

  • If no response from the user is received via the initial RFI after 24 hours, the 1st reminder email notification is triggered which is sent from the Accenture ServiceNow tool (accentureplc@service-now.com)
  • If no response is provided 24 hours after the 1st reminder, a further 2 reminders are sent 24 hours apart
  • If no response is received 24 hours after the 3rd automated reminder email is sent, the ticket is set to the Resolved state automatically by the Accenture ServiceNow tool
  • The 3-stage reminder process is configured within ServiceNow to exclude weekends and Bank holidays

Once a ticket is set to resolved

  • The user has 72 hours to re-open the ticket and confirm if the issue persists. If the issue has not been resolved fully, the Helpdesk will re-assign your ticket back to the relevant Resolver Team for further investigation
  • If no response is received or the user confirms the issue/request is resolved the ticket is automatically closed by ServiceNow
Important Note

The user must click on the link received in the resolution communication to re-open the ticket if the issue persists. Replying to the resolution communication does not re-open the ticket.

For information on the complaints and escalations process please visit the NHSmail support pages.

Email Contact: Helpdesk@nhs.net                                Phone Contact: 0333 200 1133

Last Reviewed Date 02/09/2021
Updated on 01/07/2022

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