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Exchange Online Plus addressing

NHSmail supports plus addressing, also known as sub addressing. Plus addressing provides a way to support dynamic and disposable recipient email addresses for mailboxes.

An email address uses the basic syntax: <localpart>@nhs.net. For example, firstname.lastname@nhs.net. Plus addressing allows NHSmail users to sign up to websites/newsletters using the syntax: <ExistingEmailAddress>+<tag>@nhs.net.

For example, joe.bloggs1+newsletter@nhs.net.

NHSmail will resolve incoming messages to the correct mailbox by removing the +tag from the message.

  • use a plus address when you sign up for different newsletters lists. You can then easily filter or create inbox rules for each plus address
  • plus addresses can also prevent spam from being delivered to your mailbox. If you need to enter your primary nhs.net email address in a web form, enter a plus address and block incoming emails using the plus address tag

To automatically identify and filter email messages that are sent to plus addresses, use Outlook inbox rules to act on those messages.

Using the condition Recipient address includes, you can specify an action for messages sent to a particular plus address, for example moving the messages to a folder or deleting the message.


Please note plus addresses are not part of the mailbox and cannot be used for sending.

For further guidance please visit https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/recipients-in-exchange-online/plus-addressing-in-exchange-online

Last Reviewed Date 24/12/2021
Updated on 05/07/2022

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