Coombes 1.0 Release – Content Summary

This NHSmail Portal release is named in honour of Melanie Coombes – Chief Nurse, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive of Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust. This recognition is for Melanie’s services to nursing.

Please find below a summary of the main content of the Coombes 1.0 release which was deployed on 11th August 2022. To view the full release note for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

BAU Functionality

  • 62056- Removal of the ‘Could you be the next Digital Hero’ slide from the Portal Carousel and replacement with a new slide on ‘Acceptable Use Policy’

As a part of this PBI, we are replacing the ‘Could you be the next Digital Hero’ slide from the Portal Carousel with a new slide on ‘Acceptable Use Policy’.

  • 59613- MFA – Disable MFA for 48 hours for a compromised account

This PBI provides admins (Local Admin, Local Primary Admin, Global Admin and Global Helpdesk user only), the ability to disable MFA for 48 hours on a Remediated Account, so that the user can access/login to their account without being prompted for MFA. After the 48 hours have passed, MFA would be automatically re-enabled. This action is done by using a new button in the user details page – ‘Disable Azure MFA for 48 hours’

  • 60650- My Profile page (Self-Service tab) – update tooltip text (for tooltip associated with the “Nominate Myself as Leaver” feature)

As part of this PBI, tool tip text has been updated with for “Nominate Myself as Leaver” button.

  • 61098- PODS – UI changes to the Dentistry & Care Provider questionnaires (specifically the 1st page of each)

As a part of this PBI, there are UI changes in the questionnaires of 1st page in Dentistry and Care Provider pages.

  • 62329- Teams SharePoint – Update locale id & setting (from US to UK)

This PBI is updating the locale id & setting from US to UK for Teams SharePoint by introducing a new Hangfire Job (“Update Teams Locale Id from US to UK”).

  • 62351- My Profile page (Self-Service tab) – Update “Nominate Myself as Leaver” tooltip text – change “LOA “to “Local Admin”

As part of this PBI, tool tip text has been updated with for “Nominate Myself as Leaver” button.

  • 59677- B2B – Remove wildcard domain creation

As part of this PBI, admins will not have the ability to submit form with wildcards ‘*’ within the Organisation Domain field.

  • 63028 – Welcome email delay enhancements

As part of this change, new hangfire job is introduced for welcome email which is running every hour. Newly created users will receive welcome emails once the job is completed.

  • 50046- Update password policy to align on create workflow and password reset

After implementation of this PBI, password policy is consistent across NHSmail Portal for both application accounts and user accounts.

  • 64328- New Welcome Email template

With this PBI the changes as requested by NHSE have been made to the welcome email template.

BAU Bug Fixes

  • 56013 – Multiple columns showing wrong values in the Team Usage Report

After the bug fix, the following columns will have accurate values:

– Team Owners Count

– Team Members Count

– Team Guests Count

  • 48655- Users with correct B2B permissions do not always have approval requests displayed

After the fix, My Approval page should be able to display all the B2B requests.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file.

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