Registering GP Locums


The NHSmail service provides a collaborative platform for health and social care professionals to share information through secure email and is  now available to all GP Locums in England.

For us to process your request for an NHSmail account, you will need to be registered as a GP Locum on the National Performers List (England) and not registered as a partner or salaried GP on PCSE Online.


To register your interest in an NHSmail account, please complete the online form

You will then be contacted within seven days via your registered GMC Online email address, with guidance on how to create your NHSmail account via the GP Locum registration portal.

Creating your account

To create an NHSmail account you will be required to provide the following:

  • Confirmation that you have completed your Data Security Awareness training in the last 12 months.
  • Confirmation that your details from the National Performers List are correct, i.e. Name and General Medical Council (GMC) registration number.
  • Individual One-Time Passcode: a 6-digit figure which will be sent to you with your email invitation (to your GMC registered email address).
  • Your current mobile phone number, for us to send your account set-up data to.

More information on how to meet these requirements can be found in the guide below:

Guidance for GP Locums joining via the registration portal

Document information and downloads

  • Introduction
  • Data Security Awareness training
  • How to complete GP Locum registration
  • Support and guidance

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Each GP Locum can have only one NHSmail account.

Updated on 12/10/2021

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