Local Administrator Webinars


We have set up fortnightly Microsoft Teams meetings to support our Local Administrator community. We will be running these as informal sessions with lots of opportunity for you to ask questions.

The LA webinar is held every fortnight on a Friday at 12.30-1.30pm. The next webinar is scheduled for Friday 23 September 2022.

LA webinar details

The LA webinars are hosted in the NHSmail Local Administrator Collaboration Team > NHSmail webinar channel. Please use the below link to access the meeting invite or go via the NHSmail webinar channel.

LA webinar invite

If you are unable to access the channel please contact feedback@nhs.net.

LA webinar agenda

important note:

Please use the appropriate escalation for organisation/user specific issues, the following will provide guidance – Complaints and Escalations Process – NHSmail Support. If you bring specific individual cases you maybe interrupted and referred to this guidance.

Complaints and Escalations Process – NHSmail Support

General Updates – NHSmail Collaboration Services Team

Technical Updates – NHSmail Collaboration Technical Team

Guest Speaker – new releases/key updates, 10 minutes max plus questions

Digital Workplace – your time to highlight benefits to the wider community from utilising the shared tenant functionality, 10 minutes max plus questions

Panel for open questions – NHSmail Collaboration Services Team, NHSmail Collaboration Technical Team, Accenture Service Team

NHSmail ICS webinar recordings

For the attention of CCG Primary and Local Administrators:

NHSmail ICS Live event recording - 16 June 2022

A Live event was held on Thursday June 2022, 2pm-3pm to covering Guest Access, Teams Federation, Calendar Federation, Address Book Sync. Teams Loop (live demo), future tools and ICB licensing.

The recording is available below

NHSmail ICS Live event recording – 16 June 2022

NHSmail ICS Live event recording - 8 December 2021

A Live Event was held on Wednesday 8 December 2021, 3pm to 4pm to showcase the NHSmail reconfiguration approach to reflect the introduction of Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and abolition of CCGs.

This webinar focused on how the expected April 2022 changes will be reflected in NHSmail. 

The recording is available below: 

NHSmail ICS Live Event – 8 December 2021

Recorded LA webinar sessions

26th August 2022

12th August 2022

Key updates

NHSmail AD Sync Issue – INC31018469 – NHSmail AD Sync Issue – RESOLVED – NHSmail Support

Coombes release – Coombes 1.0 Release – Content Summary – NHSmail Support
Successfully deployed 11 August – full details of the release content can be found on the link above.

Welcome email update – Welcome new users to NHSmail – NHSmail Support
The Welcome email received by new users when their accounts has been updated and comes into effect as part of the release that went in last night.

New users will be redirected to a new support site area as part of the Welcome email that contains useful information on some NHSmail basics.

Disable MFA for 48 hours on compromised accounts – Disabling MFA for 48 hours – NHSmail Support
This will allow enforced MFA on a remediated compromised accounts to be removed for a 48 hour period where access is needed and the MFA cycle cannot be completed.

MFA will be reapplied to the account at the end of the 48 hour period.

Teams Cloud Video Interoperability Service retirement – 28 October 2022 – Teams Cloud Video Interoperability Service – NHSmail Support
This service was initially stood up to support organisations with the challenges of legacy VC equipment being in place and the interoperability of this with Teams during the Covid-19 response where virtual engagement became a key lifeline for the NHS. Over that period, we’ve seen a vast increase in the use of Microsoft Teams and a decision has now been made to decommission the CVI service on 28 October 2022.

Impact: any users who attempt to use the CVI service after 19:00 on 28 October will be unable to connect.

InTune update
Total of 129 organisations have now migrated to the new InTune model which is great news.

LA support site review – reminder  LA support site review (Teams channel)

Reminder that we have a new channel in the LA Team for support site review contributions which has a terms of reference pinned at the top. This channel is very much designed to get your input on what support site areas that are frequently used by yourselves to support your users need our attention in terms of updates.

29th July 2022

15th July 2022

Key updates

Chadwick release Chadwick 1.0 Release – Content Summary – NHSmail Support
Successfully deployed on 7 July.

MFA enforcement on compromised accountsCompromised Accounts – NHSmail Support

The Chadwick release introduced MFA enforcement on compromised accounts. This change is designed to enhance the security posture of the platform overall.

Please note that the NHSmail Helpdesk do not hold data on an organisation’s local security contacts as this is data held at organisation level. If you are unsure of who your local security team contacts are, these are typically the members of your organisation who are signed up to receive Cyber Alerts from the CareCert team.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns – https://digital.nhs.uk/cyber-and-data-security/training/simulated-phishing-training-tool
If your organisation is interested in running a simulated phishing campaign as part of cyber security awareness training for your users, the CSOC team are happy to work with organisations to do so. Please reach out to the team directly to discuss this further.

Security Deep Dive LA session

We will be running a specific LA-session focussed on the security posture of the NHSmail platform and the measures in place to ensure that the platform can be used for collaborative working across health & social care whilst remaining secure for the exchange of confidential/PID data.

ICS/ICB implementation – Phase 1
Phase 1 of the changes for ICS implementation is drawing to a close and we hope to complete the final batch of shortname changes w/c 18 July 2022.

To recap the changes that have been delivered as part of Phase 1:

  • CCG organisation renaming to reflect their new role as sub-ICB locations.
  • NHSmail GAL updates to rename all CCG GAL instances to reflect the new sub-ICB location naming convention.
  • Shortname changes (part 1)

We are also currently in discussions with NHS England around the use if ICB level containers on the platform to ensure that any changes made align with NHS England’s overall strategic plans around this. We will provide an update to this group as soon as we have any further information to share.

LA support site review – LA Support Site Review channel
The NHSmail support site is one of the key resources for the platform and as a programme we work hard to keep this information as relevant and up to date as possible.

To enhance our current review process, we would like to involve the LA community in this to capitalise on your experiences of the support site as frequent users and those applying the information in the real world to help your users. We have created a new channel for LAs and PLAs to raise awareness of any support site content that needs attention.

This channel will focus on the following key areas:

  • Out of date information
  • Inaccurate information
  • Missing steps within existing guidance
  • Accessibility concerns such as information that cannot be accessed or clearly understood when using common accessibility tools such as screen readers. Or information within existing guidance that is in image or diagrammatic form that the does not have alt text attached, for example.

Full details on how to raise awareness of an article that needs attention for one or more of the reasons just mentioned will be pinned at the top of the new channel.

AUP update – Information – Acceptable Use Policy Update – NHSmail Support

The NHSmail AUP has now been updated which means that any accounts that have not accepted the AUP will be blocked from accessing Microsoft 365 applications until they have accepted the AUP.

Guidance on how to complete the AUP acceptance process can be found on the NHSmail support site: Acceptable Use Policy – NHSmail Support

Please note that it can take up to 2 hours for acceptance of the AUP to fully sync across the service.

Clinical Safety Case updated – O365 Shared Tenant Clinical Safety Case Report – NHSmail Support

Key updates include Section 4 and Section 5 regarding the AUP.

The hazard log has also been updated to reflect recent security enhancements that have been introduced on the service.

Microsoft FastTrack – NHSmail FastTrack File Share Migrations | Requirements – NHSmail Support

We are working with Microsoft FastTrack and Accenture to support organisations with the migration of local file share data (personal and shared) onto the NHSmail shared tenant.

Please note this programme is only available for a limited time with a set number of slots.

1st July 2022

Key updates

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Presentation on the AUP changes. If you have not accepted the AUP after the update (completed 13 July) your access to Microsoft 365 applications, including non Microsoft 365 applications registered against Azure Active Directory will be blocked.


CCGs will be renamed to reflect their change to ICB sub locations and link them to their relevant Integrated Care Board, it may take some time to propagate across the tenant.

Licence top-ups for non-enterprise agreements

  • New process allows these organisations to purchase a top up licence without the need for a Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement
  • All online and has a ‘catalogue’ of the approved licences for onboarding
  • Microsoft licensing queries to come in to windows10@nhs.net

Centre of excellence published SharePoint best practice guide 

Chadwick portal release due next week, MFA reminder

TA updates from Matt Brownhill

  • Legacy browsers
  • Basic authentication
  • Solution to address the deprecation of TLS 1.0 and 1.1

17th June 2022

Key updates

Presentation from Nick Hall on Bookings and how that has helped his organisation.

Bird Portal release was implemented last night.

MFA on compromised accounts due w/c 4 July.

MFA mass enablement – foot off a little and is likely now NOT to rolled out by us but rather locally. We will be publishing our user research and suggestions to help you with discussions internally on how you may want to roll out locally within the next couple of months.

Company Communicator – starting a pilot for local orgs to use, contact us at feedback.nhs.net

New tool tip, aims to highlight first contact from a user that you do not usually receive email from. Helps to reduce phishing attacks/prompt for awareness. In place w/c 27th June –New anti-phishing safety tips – NHSmail Support. 

20th May 2022

22nd April 2022

Key updates

Service Management updates:

 Egress have combined their plugin with LFT after reacting to feedback, this is going through testing, a link will be provided and a support site updated.

Confirm that MFA is on compromised only accounts, this is just a recap of something that has been mentioned before. A date will be announced subject to testing.  A support site article will also be updated.

Slough had a core switch and perimeter switch on 08/04/2022 which went through without issue, the Hemel On-Prem DC Core Switch and Perimeter Switch Software Upgrade will take place on the 6th May.

Revisited the escalations process

NHSmail Incident Procedure

Complaints and Escalations Process

 TA updates from Anne Anghelache

 – Sensitivity labels coming soon coming around May – date to be confirmed

– Shared Channels

– Blocked filetypes

– Solution to address the deprecation of TLS 1.0 and 1.1

08th April 2022

Key updates

Data sensitivity – presentation from our Accenture colleagues Diulia and John

Viva Insight – presentation from Microsoft’s Jack Lauricourt

Digital Heroes – Digital Heroes – NHSmail Support nearly at our target of 3000

TLS comms – have been sent to over 1000 orgs to your PLA for the period 12-18 March 2022

CCG short name – written to every PLA impacted by the ICS creation

PLA role – should not be using an Out of Office (OOO) to state they don’t monitor their account

NHSmail Roadmap – has been updated. Please pay specific attention to the new Deprecation Roadmap, ensure you pass this detail to your infrastructure teams who would deal with this

NCSC Cyber Aware – NCSC.GOV.UK campaign, use three random words as a password. Already in our guidance, please re brief your user base

Security filters – amendments taking place, may result in NDR being received – Non Delivery Reports (NDRs) – NHSmail Support

MFA on compromised account – via portal release expected May

Slough DC – rescheduled work, due tonight

25th March 2022

Key updates

York release (key items)

  • New system role: O365 Licence Admin (User Policy Management) – this role can add or remove users from a user policy on the system.
  • Teams 1:1 call recording toggle (User Policy – 1:1 recording) has been added to User Policies and our recording guidance has been updated to reflect any relevant information around recording storage.
  • Recent Log Ons (Recent Log On audit) – audit information available via the user management screen to help with the management of lock out events by showing details of all recent log ons including date/time, device and IP information, risk and result of the log on attempt.
  • User Policy can be added as a searchable item in the User Management screen (User Policy search field option)
  • Out of Office messages can now be set on shared mailboxes via the Portal (Shared Mailbox – OOO)

MFA enforcement for compromised accounts

As part of enhancing the security on the platform, we will be introducing a platform-wide change that will enforce MFA on any account that has been identified as compromised.

Please ensure that your organisation is aware of the MFA options available on NHSmail:

We recommend that you encourage all your users to add a mobile number to their account where possible – this can be hidden from the Directory – to ensure they are able to access MFA should their account be compromised.

In instances where a mobile cannot be added to an account, the Authenticator app or FIDO tokens can be used.

Basic Auth Deprecation
Basic authentication will be turned off on POP/IMAP instances on the platform and we are working with Microsoft on this. Currently the timescales for this are October 2022.

We will be sending out comms to all relevant organisations and LAs around this starting from April which will include a data set showing the affected instances in your organisation and details of what actions are required.

Microsoft deprecation of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in Azure Active Directory and ADFS:
As outlined in the LA communications sent in February, TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1. are no longer with the latest security requirements and are being retired. We strong advise that you start transitioning to TLS 1.2 as soon as possible to avoid any service impacts when TLS 1.0 and 1.1 are disabled on 30 June 2022.

We will be sending out further communications around this over the coming weeks and months.

Office 2010

Connectivity until 1 May 2022 – excellent work so far to move away from 2010, but we need a last concerted effort to move users off this. We’ll post a list of the top 20 organisations who are still using Office 2010 into the channel shortly for awareness.

TA Update

Topics covered:

  • Deprecation road map
  • Intune hybrid join
  • Telephony via Teams project update

Guest Speaker
Accenture (Hector) – OneDrive Delegate Access capability

11th March 2022

Key updates

Joined by Egress on some initiatives they’ve been working on and an update of the security features of NHSmail, including compromised accounts and EOP

Compromised accounts – MFA will be enrolled onto all compromised accounts without exception

Portal release – on target for w/c 14th March, subject to testing. Currently includes EOL create accounts and user access to another user’s OneDrive for a period of 8 hours, one item to note it will give the delegate AND grantee access to the OneDrive. You need to set your own guidelines for this use, NHSmail will not be governing this

Outlook 2010 – issue with windows 7 and TLS 1.2 impact being not able to gain access. Please use the Easy as note here – Update to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as default secure protocols in WinHTTP in Windows (microsoft.com)

25th February 2022

11th February 2022

Key updates

TLS Deprecation

Reminder of upcoming changes to the support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in Azure AD and ADFS. TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer compliant with the latest security requirements and are being retired – as such we strongly advise that organisations start transitioning to TLS1.2 as soon as possible to avoid any service impacts.

Initial checks have identified that there are connections to business applications which are still using unsupported actions. Please ensure that you identify any users or applications within your organisation where unsupported TLS versions are still being used and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to transition these. Further guidance is available on the NHSmail support site.

The deadline for the deprecation is 30 June 2022.

Digital Heroes
As I know you’re all keen beans who like to champion technology in your own organisations, I wanted to make you all aware of the NHSmail Digital Heroes initiative.

A Digital Hero is a technology champion who will help colleagues improve their digital skills and provides training to those involved. This is a great way to help build peer learning networks in your organisations around Teams & O365. We’re currently recruiting for the first cohort which starts on 21 Feb and is open to 400 people. A further 400 people will be able to join the future cohort that is planned for March/April time.

People can sign up to take part via the NHSmail support site – Digital Heroes

Company communicator

Company Communicator will be pinned in Teams. This is something that was highlighted in the recent NHSmail survey as something that users would prefer to see rather than having updates appear as just another chat message in the list.

Local Company Communicator
We’re aware that some of you have asked about accessing your own local version of Company Communicator for use within your own organisations. This is now in the final stage of Technical assessment and we hope to be able to provide further details on when this will be available to you in the near future.

Office 2010 connectivity

Connectivity until 1 May 2022 – excellent work so far to move away from 2010, but we need a last concerted effort to move users off this.

We’ll post a list of the top 20 organisations who are still using Office 2010 into the channel shortly for awareness.

Any queries on this, please contact windows10@nhs.net

28th January 2022

Key updates

Brief SM updates:

Wellington 2.0 portal release, https://support.nhs.net/2022/01/wellington-2-0-release-content-summary/ support site summary released.

LA bulletin sent out 28 January – Local Administrator (LA) bulletin – 28 January 2022 – NHSmail Support one of the topics of which, is;

Microsoft Depreciation of TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Active Director Federated Services (ADFS)

On 31 January 2022 Microsoft are planning to deprecate their support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 in Azure AD (AAD) and Active Director Federated Services (ADFS). TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 are no longer compliant with the latest security requirements and are being retired. We strongly advise that you start transitioning to TLS 1.2 as soon as possible to avoid any service impact.

 TA updates from Mark Ward

Unsupported browser stats

Mailbox report – byte values will be changed to a more useful representation

New portal role for policy management under development

New app approval: Adobe Acrobat DC for editing PDF files is now available in Teams, but this is a licenced feature

Same Sign On  – guest speaker from Accenture

​Mark introduced John Anderson to discuss same sign on  – PowerPoint to be shared

14th January 2022

Key updates

Company Communicator – pass on survey request to complete to your user base. Two reminders will be sent.

Password changes and LA comms – Application account letters are not going out with the mailbox id, this is being addressed in the point release due w/c 24 January.

More training is available – https://support.nhs.net/knowledge-base/n365-shared-tenant-virtual-training/

Portal release – The tentative date is W/C 24/01/2022 for a point release, this will be for the create account directly onto EXO that was descoped from Wellington.  York Release is has tentative dates W/C 21/02/2022.

Archived LA webinar session recordings

Please visit archived LA webinar session recordings to access the webinar recordings.

Last Reviewed Date 23/09/2022
Updated on 23/09/2022

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