FIDO2 and Point Release – Content Summary

Please find below a summary of the main content of the FIDO2 and Point Release which was deployed on 10/11/2021.  To view the full release note for this release please see the PDF file at the end of this summary.

FIDO2 and BAU Functionality

  • 49394 – FIDO2 implementation

FIDO2 is available as an option for multi-factor authentication (MFA) to NHSmail users. This provides you with a secure way of logging in to systems and applications.

The NHSmail platform and your authenticator conduct a challenge-response to verify that you are in possession of the correct private key. Each registration uses a unique key pair, and the private key never leaves your security token. When you authenticate with FIDO2 your identity is verified with a simple action, such as scanning a fingerprint, using a PIN and/or touching the security key.

Prior to being able to use a FIDO2-enabled security key, you must register your key with the NHSmail platform. This can also be done by a Local Administrator on your behalf. Further guidance can be found here

  • 52012 – Add new Phone system SKUs to NHSmail portal

This PBI is to enable the 4 new add-on licenses to the portal, which includes Phone System Per User, Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan (120 Mins), Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan (240 Mins), Microsoft 365 Domestic Calling Plan (1200 Mins).

The new licenses should appear in the add on license section in the user policy create/edit pages and behave the same way as all other add on licenses.

To view the full release note please refer to the PDF file

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