Application account

If a mailbox is used for sending a high volume of emails, it can be converted into an ‘Application Account’. If a mailbox needs to be converted from a personal (user) mailbox into an Application Account, it must be appropriately named to indicate that it is being used for sending high volume of emails as part of a business process, for example:

Handy Hint

You can now use the Helpdesk Self Service to request that a mailbox be converted into an Application Account.

Additional Information:

  • Only Global Administrator and Tenant Administrator roles have the appropriate permissions to update a user mailbox to an application account
  • Standard forensic process will apply to application accounts
  • The requirement for changing the account password is once a year.
    • A more complex password is required for the account.
    • At least 20 characters
    • 1 upper case
    • 1 lower case
    • 1 number or symbol
  • It must not match the previous 4 passwords
Last Reviewed Date 12/12/2022
Updated on 12/12/2022

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