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If a mailbox is used for sending a high volume of emails, it can be converted into an ‘Application Account’. Different policies apply to an Application Account, for example, there are longer intervals between password resets and deleted emails are not stored. If a mailbox needs to be converted from a personal (user) mailbox into an Application Account, it must be appropriately named to indicate that it is being used for sending high volume of emails as part of a business process, for example:

Handy Hint

You can now use the Helpdesk Self Service to request that a mailbox be converted into an Application Account.

Additional Information:

  • Only Global Administrator and Tenant Administrator roles have the appropriate permissions to update a user mailbox to an application account
  • Forensic investigation can be carried out on an Application Account but only 2 year message summary data extract can be provided and 180-day full-mailbox extract cannot be provided due to 0 days retention policy
  • The requirement for changing the account password is only once a year and not 90 days
    • A more complex password is required for the account.
    • At least 20 characters
    • 1 upper case
    • 1 lower case
    • 1 number or symbol
  • It must not match the previous 4 passwords
Updated on 08/02/2022

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