Leavers and Joiners Guide



This is a guidance document and outlines the actions that users and local administrators should take in relation to NHSmail accounts when a user joins and/or leaves an organisation.

For more information on Leavers please see: Marking a user as a Leaver.

For more information on Joiners please see: Marking a user as a Joiner

  • How does the ‘leaver’ and ‘joiner’ process work on the NHSmail service?
  • What to do with an NHSmail account when a user leaves their owning organisation.
  • Marking the account as a ‘leaver’ to be deleted.
  • Marking the account as a ‘leaver’ to then be joined to a new organisation as a ‘joiner’
  • Appendix 1

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Last Reviewed Date 29/01/2024
Updated on 29/01/2024

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