Convert Application Account to User Mailbox

Application accounts can be converted back to a user mailbox with the following permissions: Primary Local Administrators and Local Administrators. Further information on finding and adding PLA/LAs can be found on the NHSmail support page – Finding-Your-Local-Administrator.

Important information:

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be enabled to user mailboxes upon conversion. They will be added to the MFA Conditional Access Standard policy

Converting an application account to a user account:

1. Locate application account via the User Management page in Portal

2. Select the checkbox Application Account


3. Selecting the checkbox will prompt the verification message




4. Once the above information has been accepted, the application account will be converted into a user account as shown




NHSmail password policy for user accounts can be referenced here.

Last Reviewed Date 22/02/2024
Updated on 22/02/2024

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