Portal – Rangoon 1.2 Release


The Rangoon 1.2 Portal release was implemented as planned on the evening of 19/03/2021 with new functionality and bug fixes.

New Functionality 

46466-EXO: Update the DDL Recipient filter for EXO DDL
This PBI facilitates creating or updating an Exchange Online DDL, currently a recipient filter is applied to restrict to User, Shared & resource Mailboxes, this will need to be changed just to target user mailboxes like MailUser and UserMailbox.

46607-EXO: Incorrect Proxy Bypass in Web Configs
This PBI facilitates proxy bypass in the web should only be bypassed for *.amses.net and *.ad1.nhs.net.Currently it bypasses all *.nhs.net traffic which prevents communication with nhs.net items hosted in azure (such as fs.nhs.net).


46858-PODS- Update the self-service registration workflow for Pharmacy to use ‘pharmacy’ keyword in email address
This PBI facilitates all pharmacy sites will be using “pharmacy” keyword in the derived email address field, instead of org shortname (nhspharmacy) under org name and org shortname etc.

46833-PODS- Social Care registration page text change
The PBI is to change make text changes in the pre-requisite questionnaire as requested for social care registration page.

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