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Introduction to NHSmail Teams Phone System

This article provides a high-level overview of the Teams Phone System capabilities and connection options that are available to organisations on the NHSmail tenant.

Teams Phone System allows external calling to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) numbers directly from your Teams client using your nhs.net address.

This introductory guide will cover:

Links to more detailed information are signposted to within this guide. To access all Phone System related guidance materials and support content please click here.

What is the NHSmail Teams Phone System?

The NHSmail Teams Phone System is a centrally provided telephony capability, enabling organisations on the NHSmail tenant to make and receive external calls.

Organisations will be able to manage the NHSmail Teams Phone System via a custom-built PowerApp. The PowerApp provides similar functionality to the Microsoft Teams admin centre.

Please click to play the introduction video below.


For more details on the supported features, level of customisation available and facets administrated through global policies as part of the Phone System PowerApp, please click here.

Important note:

It is recommended that organisations looking to use the NHSmail Teams Phone System capability, trial a small volume of users before proceeding with a migration of their mass user base.

Supported External Calling Options

There are a variety of supported external calling (PSTN) connection options that are offered as part of the NHSmail Teams Phone System capability. It is the organisations’ responsibility to assess which strategy is best suited to their requirements.

Microsoft Calling Plans

Calling Plan is Microsoft’s all-in-the-cloud voice solution for NHSmail Teams users. It connects Microsoft Phone System to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) enabling calls to landlines and mobile phones around the world.

For more information on onboarding to NHSmail Phone System with Calling Plans, click here.

Direct Routing

Direct Routing is a way to provide connection to and from Microsoft Phone Systems to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It allows you to make and deliver calls externally by connecting a third-party telephone system using a supported and customer-provided gateway (Session Border Controller) to enable voice calling features.

For more information on onboarding to NHSmail Phone System with Direct Routing, click here.

Important Note:

It is the responsibility of participating organisations to work with their network service providers to ensure configuration can support phone system traffic.

Important Note:

Emergency calling is not supported and should not be used on the NHSmail Teams Phone System platform. Organisations should have dedicated line(s) for emergency calling purposes.

Teams Phone System PowerApp

The Teams Phone System PowerApp is custom-built, providing the functionality for an organisation to manage Phone System features for their organisation through an intuitive user interface. The PowerApp provides a variety of administrative functionality, such as enabling number assignment to users, call queue creation, reporting and much more.


For a full list of the licensing and cost implications to onboard to the central Phone System service, please visit this support site article.

To access the Phone System PowerApp, organisations will need to submit a Helpdesk Self Service (HSS) form. The form can also cater for changes in organisational access to the PowerApp, and for organisations to request to onboard a new operator for operator connect.

For more information, please visit the onboarding guides linked below:


NHSmail Phone System aims to deliver numerous benefits to organisations, seeking to consolidate their enterprise voice capability, to a single client for call handling, and for those looking to benefit from the direct integration with the central tenant.

    • A range of supported PSTN connection options to provide flexibility for organisations in choosing an option that suits their needs.
    • The Teams Phone System PowerApp is custom-built to suit the needs of organisations across the platform replicating much of the functionality available within the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre.
Last Reviewed Date 08/06/2022
Updated on 07/07/2022
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