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Managed Migrations: Preparing for Switchover

This article provides guidance for end users of an organisation completing a managed migration ahead of switchover.

Know when your content is moving!

Ensure you have read the migration approach content and are clear on what is migrating when. Look out for communications from your organisation

Ensure no structural changes to your files/folders

Please do not change folder structures during the Copy Commence phase, as any changes risk not being reflected on Switchover.

This applies to OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams locations.

Know what items you may need to migrate yourself

The What is migrating and when? section provides details on items that must be self-migrated, such as Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate flows.

Please note some actions for items that must be self-migrated are recommended to be completed before Switchover Day.

Know what workloads are not migrating

The Managed migration scope article provides details on apps/workloads that are in scope or not in scope from a managed migrations perspective.

Take a copy of key private chats (private chats are not migrated)

Private individual and group chats in Microsoft Teams (those not in Teams groups/channels) will not be migrated to NHSmail, so users should take a copy of any important chats they need to maintain a local record of.

To copy messages into a Word document:

1. In Teams, scroll to the top of the conversation/chat you want to copy

2. Use your mouse to highlight all of the text: select and scroll down until you have finished highlighting the area you want to copy

3. Right-Click > Copy the message contents

4. Right-Click > Paste it into a new Word document

5. Save the document to your OneDrive.

To take a screenshot of a message:

1. From your PC, go to the Start menu, in the search bar enter Snipping Tool

2. Use the Snipping Tool to highlight the area you want to capture

3. Save the screenshot to your OneDrive.

Verify you can access your NHSmail account

Make sure ahead of Switchover that you can access your NHSmail account. Go to https://portal.office.com and sign in using your @nhs.net address.

Familiarise yourself with your Teams account on NHSmail

Activities for this action can include: re-creating any customised settings you have in NHSmail via the Teams Settings guidance and pinning any chats with key contacts in nhs.net.

If you are an owner of a Teams channel, Please visit the Guidance for Teams Owners page understand the actions you will have to undertake post-switchover.

Last Reviewed Date 20/10/2023
Updated on 23/10/2023

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