Request for Leaver and Joiner

User(s) can request their account to be marked as a leaver from their current organisation, or as a joiner to a new organisation due to joining another organisation, career redirection, organisation restructuring or organisation getting closed.

To request the account to be marked as a leaver or a joiner:

1 Click Profile in the navigation bar at the top of the screen


2. Select the Self-Service tab




3. Click on Nominate Myself as Leaver.




4. Please select the reason for leaving




Note: If you have already left the organisation, please select Already Left



5. Select the organisation you are going to join




Handy hint

If you are unsure of the new organisation, please leave it blank

6. Click on Submit



The message will be displayed as in the scrrenshot.


Additional Information

    • A self-service leaver/joiner request notification email is sent to the requestor and Local Administrator(s) upon submission, approval and rejection of the request.
    • If you have submitted the request to be marked as a leaver or a joiner in error, please contact the Local Administrator of the respective organisation and request the Local Administrator to reject the request.
    • Once the request to be marked as a leaver has been actioned by one of the approver(s), it will be the user’s responsibility to follow-up with the new organisation’s administrator so that their account can be marked as a joiner to the new organisation.
    • Failing to join a new organisation within 30 days of the account being marked as a joiner to the new organisation, the account will be deleted as per Data Retention and Information Management Policy.
    • For more information please see the Leavers and Joiners Guide.

Last Reviewed Date 28/07/2021
Updated on 29/06/2022

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