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1.4 Where to get help?

1.4.1 Where do I get more information?

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below:

1.4.2 Overview

What are the current timelines for my file migration?

Tech Services Pilot Colleagues

  • Stage one: Copy Commence: 3 April 2023
  • Stage two:Switchover commences: 11 April 2023 (evening)

Business Pilot Colleagues

  • Stage one: Copy Commence: Mid April
  • Stage two: Switchover commences: Early May

Main Migration for all NHSD Colleagues

  • Stage one: Copy Commence: Early May
  • Stage two: Switchover commences: Early June

Exact dates will be communicated with you closer to the time. Please look out for an email from the migration team.

What is the migration process?

The high-level technical process for data copy is as follows:

  • Stage One (Copy Commence) – This involves the copying of files and folders from HSCIC environment to the NHSmail environment. Colleagues will be notified once copy commences. You may start to see files and folders start to appear in NHSmail. Please do not edit in NHSmail as your changes will not be retained whilst the copy continues throughout the following weeks. Continue to work as usual using your hscic.gov.uk credentials until the migration is completed.
  • Stage Two (Switchover) – This occurs on the switchover evening, migrating the remaining data that is everchanging. The following morning, you will log on and experience the new ways of working!

What is involved in Stage one: Copy Commence?

  • The migration takes a copy approach. This means at a certain date; your files and folders will begin being copied across to your NHSmail Microsoft environment. This will then continue right up till Switchover to ensure all edits, and changes are replicated in the NHSmail environment.
  • As a result, when the copy begins, the process will identify where the documents and files currently sit and will replicate them in your new area. If you change the structure of your files in the NHSD environment after copy commence starts, it will not be replicated, and you will have to re-do the changes in the NHSmail Microsoft once switched.
  • We will notify you when the Copy Commence stage begins.
  • You will be able to edit existing documents and create new documents throughout the Copy Commence stage.

1.4.3 Frequently Asked Questions for Teams Migration

Will my private conversations & chat files be migrated?

No, all private conversations will be retained in the NHSD tenant but not migrated to NHSmail. You will still be able to use your teams chat in NHSD until the stage two (switchover) is completed.

Will my user specific settings be migrated (e.g., pinned chat)?

No, all specific user settings should be recreated on NHSmail. See a quick refresher on how to change or update your settings.

Will my customised Teams settings (e.g., settings within Teams)?

No, all customised Teams settings should be recreated on NHSmail.

As a Team owner, will my MS Teams Tabs be migrated?

All MS Teams Tabs will not be migrated. However, you will still be able to access your NHSD MS Teams Tab until the main migration. Here is how to re-pin tabs on Teams.

Will my pinned messages be migrated?

No, please re-pin your chats in the NHSmail Teams environment. See this link as a refresher on how to pin a chat message in teams.

Will my meeting invites invite within Teams Channel be migrated?

No, meetings that are generated within a Teams chat will not be migrated. All meetings sent via your email will be replicated in NHSmail and you will be able to join via your Teams once phase 2 (Switchover) occurs.

Will my current meeting invites be migrated?

Yes, your current meeting invites will be in NHSmail, and you will also gain the ability to join via your Teams.

As a member of a Shared Channel, will I be access it following migration?

Members of a shared channel will need to re-request access using NHSmail credentials following the migration.

1.4.4 Frequently Asked Questions for SharePoint Migration

Will my SharePoint files and folders be migrated?

Yes, all files and folders in your SharePoint will be migrated.

How will I access my new SharePoint sites once switched over?

Please look out for an email on your switchover day which will contain links to all the SharePoint sites you currently have access to.

How will my permissions be set-up in NHSmail?

Permissions are automatically copied in to NHSmail and you will have the same permission as you currently experience in NHSD. We are removing external guest access from any SharePoint sites being migrated, to restore guest access please follow the instructions in this guide.

Will my SharePoint site logos and customisation migrate?

No, site customisations cannot be migrated and if required, should be re-implemented in NHSmail.

Will my document library settings migrate?

No, document library settings should be re-implemented in NHSmail.

Will items in my recycle bin be migrated?

No, recycle bins will not be migrated. Please save any required files/folders in the recycle bin back to OneDrive or SharePoint ahead of the copy commence.

1.4.5 Frequently Asked Questions for OneDrive Migration

Will all my files or folders be migrated?

Yes, all files and folders will be migrated.

Will OneDrive permissions be migrated? ?

If you have previously shared files and folders with both internal (@hscic.gov.uk) and external users, these permissions will not be migrated.

Will the old links I shared with colleagues and guest be replaced automatically?

No, please re-share new links of files or folder now located on NHSmail OneDrive with colleagues and guests where necessary. Refer to your data sharing policy.

1.4.6 Frequently Asked Questions for Other 365 Apps Migration

Will my MS Forms be migrated?

No, MS Forms will remain available on NHSD.

Will my To-Do be migrated?

No, To-Do will remain on NHSD. We recommend creating any new tasks in the NHSmail environment if you utilise the application.

Will applications like Whiteboard, Sway, and Project Online be migrated?

No, these applications will remain in NHSD.

Will Microsoft Planner be migrated?

We are currently working on a solution to move your planner boards and tasks and will provide more information when we know more.

Will Wiki be migrated?

No, since Wiki can only be accessed via MS Team Tabs and will not be migrated, we recommend that you copy and save your Wiki content on OneNote ahead of the copy commence.

Will my OneNote be migrated?

Yes, your OneNote will be migrated to the NHSmail OneNote. It is recommended that you use this for all your note taking, including Wiki. Please see guidance on how to pin tabs to teams if you are interested in utilising this within NHSmail Teams.

What will happen to my Power BI dashboards?

You will need to manually update your Power BI workspaces. We are currently working on guidance and will publish as soon as possible.

1.4.7 Further Microsoft Guidance

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Updated on 22/03/2023
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