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Users of NHSmail

How do I access Teams?

Navigate to and sign in with your username and password. Once logged in you will see tiles for the Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Office Online applications. Click the Teams application to get started.

Can I create a Team?

Local Administrators (LAs) are responsible for setting up Teams. Please contact your organisation’s LA if you require a specific Team setup up for you and your colleagues. Further information is available on how to find your LA.

Is there any training or guidance material available?

A specific location has been set up to provide guidance on how to complete instant messaging and audio and video calls in Teams. This can be found on the NHSmail support site along with a wealth of broader Microsoft training materials.

How do I access support for any Teams queries?

There are a number of support articles and guidance documents available on the NHSmail support site. Should you have any further queries please contact the NHSmail helpdesk at

Can I call external telephone numbers from Teams?

Teams cannot be used for outbound dialling to external telephone numbers. For any outbound dialling requirements, you will be required to use existing telephony solutions across your organisation. Teams can be used to complete audio and video calls with other NHSmail users with access to Teams.

Why hasn’t Teams been enabled for me?

If you are an NHSmail user based in England, you will have Teams enabled on your account. Newly created accounts, and any inactive accounts that become active, will be assigned either a national M365 F3 licence (if the user belongs to a Standard Service organisation) or a national M365 E3 licence (if the user belongs to an Enhanced Service organisation). The user’s account will be enabled within four hours.

How do I change my profile picture in Teams?

You are unable to change your profile picture in Teams.

Why can’t I share my Whiteboard in a meeting?

If you have joined your session in the Teams Web App you may experience an intermittent connectivity issue. Please access the session via a different browser (such as Microsoft Edge) and then re-attempt to share your Whiteboard. If that fails, please select an alternative tooling software such as Paint. Installing the Teams desktop application and joining sessions via this channel will make sharing your Whiteboard easier.

If you join your session via the Teams mobile app (iOS/Android) then you will only be able to view Whiteboards that have already been created.

How do I sign into a Teams meeting via the Web App?

Please read this article for step-by-step guidance on how to join meetings in Teams.

Can I invite an external guest to join a Teams meeting?

Yes – you can invite external participants to your meetings as guests. They will be asked to enter their username before joining the lobby (waiting area) for your session.

Why do all my Teams meetings appear in Skype for Business?

All Teams meetings created via the Outlook desktop client will appear in the Skype for Business (SfB) desktop client. Using the ‘Join’ option directly from SfB will automatically open the Teams session in the desktop application.

Why can’t I see my calendar in Teams?

The Teams calendar option is not currently available in NHSmail. You can see your calendar in Outlook on your Desktop, Outlook Web App or using the Outlook Mobile App.

Can I record my Teams meetings?

Microsoft Stream is currently disabled. Teams meetings can be recorded but will not be uploaded to Stream at this time. Further guidance on how to use and manage the recording function in Teams can be found here.

How do I change my password?

You will need to enter your password to sign in to Teams. If you have forgotten it, please follow the relevant guidance available on the NHSmail support site.

Can we use Teams for patient consultations?

If you are planning to use Teams for patient consultations or in a clinical setting, please engage with your local Clinical Safety Officer who will be best placed to advise on appropriate use of Teams.

How can I schedule a Teams Meeting if my organisation does not use Microsoft Outlook?

If you only access NHSmail through your browser and do not use the Microsoft Outlook client, we recommend scheduling a meeting invitation in the usual way (with the location ‘Teams’) and invite your attendees as normal. At the time of the meeting, then follow the steps to initiate a ‘Meet Now’ (link), adding the attendees into the call.

How can I request a device to be added to MS teams?

To request a device to be added to MS teams please raise a ticket with the NHSmail helpdesk ( Please see Adding a device to MS Teams for guidance. This account will allow you book/block out a device in the same way meeting rooms are managed.

Non NHSmail users

I’m from an organisation that doesn’t use NHSmail - how do I access Teams?

Please contact your local Microsoft representative or reseller to understand the options for accessing the licences required to enable Teams.

Are there any central support options available to non-NHSmail organisations?

Yes – there are a number of support articles and guidance documents available on the NHSmail support site. Should you have any further queries you can contact the NHSmail helpdesk at Please note the NHSmail helpdesk will not have access to your local infrastructure to make technical changes but can offer support and guidance.

Last Reviewed Date 05/02/2024
Updated on 05/02/2024

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