How to set up meetings

Teams online meetings are an easy way to bring together a group of people in the same place at the same time.

There are two ways in which you can schedule meetings with your colleagues via Teams. Follow the simple steps below for each scenario:

  1. Schedule a Teams Meeting from your Microsoft Outlook calendar
  2. Use  ‘Meet now’ directly within a Teams channel

Schedule a Teams Meeting in Outlook

Microsoft Teams includes the Outlook add-in, which lets you schedule Teams meetings directly from your Microsoft Outlook desktop client. It also lets people view, accept, or join meetings from both the Teams and Outlook apps.


  1. Your organisation must use Microsoft Outlook and have the Teams desktop app installed in order to schedule meetings via Microsoft Outlook. Follow scenario 2 if your organisation does not use Microsoft Outlook, or contact your Local Administrator/IT team for support.
  2.  Shared mailbox should not be used to organize the Teams meetings as the Shared mailbox does not have credentials to login to Microsoft Teams.

teams-outlook1Step 1 – Open the Outlook desktop application



Step 2 – Navigate to the calendar toggle in the bottom left hand corner and Select ‘New Teams Meeting’ from the ribbon at the top



Step 3 – Complete the required fields for your meeting, add your NHSmail participants and click ‘send’ to schedule your session. This Teams session will be added to your Outlook calendar


Attendees can now join the meeting via the link in the invite, at the time of the meeting.


Meeting chat/conversations are visible to anyone who receives an invitation to the meeting, regardless of whether they join or not.

How to ‘Meet Now’

If you only access NHSmail through your browser and do not use the Microsoft Outlook client, we recommend scheduling a meeting invitation in the usual way (with the location ‘Teams’) and invite your attendees as normal.

At the time of the meeting, then follow these steps to initiate a ‘Meet Now’, adding the attendees into the call…

Step 1 – Navigate to the appropriate team for your meeting




Step 2 – Select the channel containing the colleagues with whom you’d like to connect




Step 3 – Click the ‘Meet now’ icon on the top right of the ‘Posts’ page and follow the prompt to start the meeting



teams-4Step 4
– Add the subject for your session and click ‘Meet now’… you are now in the session



teams-5Step 5
– Search for your NHSmail colleagues in the bar provided to the right-hand side of your meeting screen and add them to the session



You can also invite people by copying the meeting link and sending it to anyone you want to meet with. Just choose Copy join info and paste the link in a message


To address meeting privacy considerations and avoid meeting links expiring we advise meeting organisers against reusing meeting links/join info for multiple meetings.

Step 6 – The colleague you have invited will receive a notification informing them that the meeting has started. Selecting ‘Join’ will direct them into your meeting room



Last Reviewed Date 24/08/2020
Updated on 29/06/2022

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