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Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Teams FAQs

For FAQs specific to Microsoft Teams please visit the guidance available here

The NHSmail Office 365 (O365) service delivers an integrated service offering between NHSmail infrastructure and the O365 suite.

This document has been created for IT managers and Local Administrators (LAs) within health and care organisations, to provide information on frequently asked questions about the NHSmail O365 service.

O365 Applications

Will users be able to invite external guests to access O365 content?

The Azure B2B Guest Access Service supports the invitation of external guests to access NHSmail O365 applications including SharePoint.

The external guest must be a member of an organisation whose domain has been added to the ‘allow list’ on the NHSmail platform. Guests may only be invited by NHSmail users who are configured as Eligible Guest Inviters by their LAs. Organisations and their external guests will be required to complete a Partnering Agreement along with NHS England. The Partnering agreement will be sent once an application has been made. As part of the application process, the external guest organisation must also conform to DSPT. Following the invitation and application process, the external guest will be able to access the SharePoint content using their own credentials. All guest accounts will have access to Azure AD / O365 for an initial period of 30 days. Following this, the guest user will be required to obtain approval from an NHSmail user to retain their access for another 180 days (this process is repeated every 180 days).

Further information is available in the B2B Guest Invite User guide.

Will Azure Active Directory Business-to-Business collaboration capabilities be available?

The Azure B2B Guest Access Service supports Business-to-Business collaboration capabilities to external users that are members of allow listed domains.

B2B Guest Access external sharing is available via Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Sway and Microsoft Forms. At present it is not available via any other O365 applications, although this may change in the future (LAs will be made aware of new functionality enhancements).

Will the NHSmail O365 service provide an ability for organisations to use their own domain and create a sub-tenant within the national tenant?

No, there are no current plans to create sub-tenants or allow organisations to use their own domains for the NHSmail O365 service.

Can Azure Active Directory co-exist alongside an on-premise Active Directory?

The NHSmail Azure Active Directory co-exists seamlessly alongside local Active Directory services. There are no plans to federate on premise Active Directory services. For further information visit the NHSmail synchronisation and Tansync guidance on the NHSmail support pages.

Will users be able to access O365 applications on their mobile device?

The NHSmail O365 service supports the use of mobile applications where available. Local organisations are responsible for mobile device management of users’ devices. The NHSmail O365 service is not responsible for deploying applications to devices.  If you use the Outlook mobile app, take these steps to set up your account.

What is the expected approach to managing clinical applications that integrate with Microsoft Word 2010 to produce letters?

Local organisations deploying Microsoft Office will need to work with the appropriate clinical application providers to ensure they are compatible with current versions of Microsoft Word, including Online versions.

Will access to service health information be provided for O365 applications?

NHSmail service health information including O365 is shown on the NHSmail service status page.

Can custom themes / templates be added in SharePoint Online within the NHSmail O365 service?

Yes, the Site Collection Administrator can quickly customise SharePoint sites so that it suits their needs and reflects style and brand. Requests to add additional templates can be made by emailing feedback@nhs.net.

Can PowerApps and Power Automate (Flow) be utilised on the platform?

Yes, LAs can enable these applications through user policy management on the NHSmail Portal.

If we procure PowerBI Premium licences, will we have access to the admin centre?

Yes, access to the PowerBI Premium Admin Centre will be made available to the local organisation owning the licences.

A one-off setup task to configure the capacity on the NHSmail O365 tenant will be undertaken by the NHSmail service team. After this is completed, administrative access will be provided to the local organisation.  This will require a service desk request.

Can we make use of the free version of PowerBI??

Yes, this feature is available via the NHSmail portal. PowerBI free is a configurable toggle that can be enabled by Local Administrators through User Policies on the NHSmail Portal.

Can external Teams Connectors be used?

All first-party connectors (Microsoft created) can be integrated into your Team.

A selection of third-party connectors (created by external vendors) can be used – including Asana, Trello, Salesforce and Jira. A full list can be found in the Service Configuration Guide. Any third-party connectors that are not enabled by default, but required by a local organisation, can be requested through feedback@nhs.net.

Local organisations are responsible for the subscriptions associated to third-party tools and connectors.

Can custom built Teams Connectors be used?

Custom built Teams connectors cannot be used as the Teams feature, known as sideloading, is not currently enabled on the NHSmail O365 service for security reasons.

Is Teams Call Recording enabled?

Yes, Teams Call Recording is enabled by default for all NHSmail users. LAs have the ability to turn this feature off for specific users. This is managed through user policies on the NHSmail Portal.

Is there a phone dial-in option for Teams Meetings?

Yes,  please visit the Teams Dial-In guidance via the NHSmail Support Site for up-to-date details.

Will the NHSmail O365 service support Single Sign-On with third-party applications?

Yes, the NHSmail O365 service supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with third-party applications. The Single Sign-On guide is available on the NHSmail support site.  which provides a full outline of the types of applications that are supported and how to enable SSO.

Can Project licences be used on the platform?

Yes, Project Essential, Professional and Premium licence types can be onboarded onto the NHSmail O365 service.

Can Visio licences be used on the platform?

Yes, Visio Plan 1 and Plan 2 licence types can be onboarded onto the NHSmail O365 service.

Will dedicated express routes be provided?

Local organisations are responsible for their network routing and express route provisions.


Will LAs be able to manage O365 licences and services assigned to users?

Yes, Local Administrators can manage licences/feature availability via user policies in the NHSmail portal. Visit the getting started guide for more information. For the guidance steps to onboard licences – please visit the onboarding guide for Local Administrators.

Will LAs be able to administer O365 services for users not in their organisation?

Yes, if the LA has the appropriate access rights.

Will LAs be able to enable / disable specific O365 products and features?

Yes, the NHSmail Portal allows LAs to enable / disable access to different applications within their licence subscription for individuals and groups of users, through the use of user policies. Visit the guidance hybrid Local Administrator guide for further information.

Will LAs be able to create new SharePoint sites?

Yes, the NHSmail Portal provides LAs with the ability to create team site collections and sub-sites. Sub-sites can be created using any of the pre-defined templates in SharePoint Online.


How do I onboard my own Licences to NHSmail O365?

Organisations purchase their O365 licences from their Microsoft licence reseller. LAs must raise a service request with the NHSmail helpdesk who will transfer the licences to the NHSmail O365 service.

Once completed, the licences will become available within the NHSmail Portal and LAs can then allocate them to their users. Further information is available in the Onboarding Guide for LAs.


The NHSmail Roadmap for digital collaboration services across health and social care is available on the NHSmail Support Site

Will InTune be enabled for the NHSmail O365 service?

Use of InTune on the platform is being investigated. If you have a specific use-case or requirement, please email feedback@nhs.net.

Commercial and licencing

What are the costs for the NHSmail O365 service?

All users on the platform will receive a nationally allocated O365 E3 Restricted licence at no cost to the organisation or end user. This is a customised licence SKU agreed between NHS England and Microsoft. Access to certain features will vary from what is outlined as a standard E3 on the Microsoft support pages.

The E3 Restricted licence includes a 4GB mailbox size as a standard; it does not provide access to Apps for Enterprise and the downloadable version of Office. Further detail can be found in the LA Transition Guide, including guidance on which applications are available.

Is the Microsoft Office ProPlus (Apps for Enterprise) available as part of the NHSmail O365 service?

As part of the centrally allocated O365 E3 Restricted licence, Apps for Enterprise is not included. Organisations can procure and onboard the add-on Apps for Enterprise licence and allocate via user policies in the NHSmail Portal.

NHS organisations should use the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) to download and deploy Apps for Enterprise (Office 365 ProPlus) to their organisation devices.

How will licences be procured for the NHSmail O365 service?

If additional licences are required (above the nationally provisioned E3 restricted licence) Organisations will need to procure these via the steps outlined in the Onboarding Guide. New licences are added to the NHSmail O365 tenant via a service request.

Will a specific licence type be available excluding Exchange services for the NHSmail O365 service?

No, currently all users will be assigned an E3 restricted licence which includes Exchange capabilities.


Will LAs be able to raise support tickets directly with Microsoft?

Local organisations are expected to complete initial triaging and troubleshooting of issues relating to NHSmail. As with the existing NHSmail service, local organisations can log support tickets relating to the NHSmail O365 service with the NHSmail helpdesk.

Local organisations with their own premier support contracts with Microsoft are advised to log support tickets directly and should tenant specific support be required to log this with the NHSmail helpdesk to progress a premier case.

How will deployment of desktop applications be managed?

Local organisations will be responsible for deployment of desktop applications in line with their standard deployment methods.

Data and clinical governance

Where will data reside for the NHSmail O365 service?

Exchange Data currently within NHSmail services is being migrated to Exchange Online which is UK based. More information on O365 data residency can be found on the Microsoft support pages.

What is the data retention and information management policy for O365 applications?

Please visit the data retention and information management policies guide for O365 applications for further guidance.

Last Reviewed Date 03/02/2023
Updated on 03/02/2023

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