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Guidance for Teams Owners | Migration to nhs.net

This guide provides details for Teams Owners on things to be aware of when their Team moves across on Switchover Day, as well as actions to take to verify things are as they should be.

1. Accessing your Teams

You will receive new links to your migrated Teams on the morning of Switchover. Use these to access the new locations. Users should also follow the “Sign in to Teams Desktop” steps to access the migrated Teams.

2. Migrated conversations

All channels and Team conversations will have been migrated to the nhs.net environment.

An example of a migrated Teams conversation can be seen below:

An image of a Teams chat showing a migrated conversation. It shows the message saying 'Conversation migrated from previous tenant' followed by the migrated message.

3. Check your membership

Membership and permissions will have been migrated with the Team, using their nhs.net accounts instead. We encourage on Switchover Day all Teams Owners to review their membership to ensure your Members list is as it should be.

Within your Team, if any files or folders were previously shared with users outside of your Team (via a Sharing Link), you will need to re-share files by generating new Sharing Links with relevant colleagues as necessary.

Guidance on how to do this can be found here: Share a file with someone outside your Team

4. Re-pin tabs you would like to pinned to your Teams

Tabs and apps (such as Planner) associated to your Team will be migrated, however Teams Owners will need to re-pin key Tabs that you want your members to have access to.

Guidance on how to do this can be found here: How to pin a tab in Teams

5. Re-add apps to your Teams

3rd party apps associated with your Teams will not be migrated. Therefore, once migrated Teams Owners will need to re-add any of these apps you require to your Team. Please note certain 3rd party apps are not available in nhs.net, to see which 3rd party apps are allowed, please visit the page here .

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Last Reviewed Date 01/06/2023
Updated on 01/06/2023
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