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Secure file sharing using Office 365

With online collaboration being more present in our lives, collaborating safely and securely is more important than ever. Sharing documents using incorrect processes risk sensitive data and information ending up in the wrong hands. In the below videos, we share some advice and best practices on safe file sharing whilst using the Office 365 environment to ensure that you can share files confidently and securely.

SharePoint vs OneDrive

Watch the below video to learn about the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive.

Public Teams and Private Teams

It’s also important to understand whether the information you are sharing is made available in a Public or Private Team. In this video, we explain the differences and how you can check the status of your Team. 

How to upload files

Now that you have confirmed the status of your Team, find out how to upload files to Microsoft Teams and/ or SharePoint so that they can be shared with colleagues.

How to upload a file to Microsoft Teams

How to upload a file to SharePoint

How to share a file for collaboration

In the below videos, we explain two scenarios for sharing files for collaboration with colleagues by editing the share settings of a file and creating a shareable link.

Sharing a file with your team

Sharing a file securely in a public Team

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Last Reviewed Date 04/11/2021
Updated on 08/01/2024

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