Inbox Rules to manage email

Creating a new rule

You can use Inbox Rules to automatically manage emails as they arrive in your inbox. For example, move emails from a particular person straight into a specific folder, delete emails which have a specific word in the subject line, or redirect certain messages to someone else

1. Click on the settings icon at the top right of the screen and select View all Outlook settings.



2. Click on Email from the Settings and select




3. Click on Add new rule.




4. Type the name of your new rule into the text box.


It is advisable to make the name descriptive, so it is easy to identify when multiple rules are set up

5. Select the condition you would like to apply from Add a condition drop down list.

For example, if you select “from”, a list of Suggested contacts would appear to add a sender. Type the email address or select the contact from the drop-down list.

6. Select an Action you would like to apply from Add an Action drop down list.

For example, if you select “Move to”, a list of folders would appear to redirect the emails to the target folder.


Note: You can add multiple conditions, actions, and exceptions to your rules.

7. Enable the check box to Stop processing more rules or to Run rule now.



8. Click on Add an exception (optional)to append conditions with Subject, Keywords, Sensitivity, Message includes etc.



9. Click on Save




10. The new rule would appear in the Rules dialog box




Run, turn off, edit, and delete a rule

1. To run any rule, click on Run icon to the right of the rule.




2. Enable or disable the toggle button to the left of the rule to turn on or off the rule.



3. Click on Pencil or Bin icon, to the right of the rule to edit or delete the rule.



Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE : Any mailbox rules applied to an end user’s mailbox will be disabled if the account is ever identified as compromised. Post account remediation, it is the user’s responsibility to validate any mailbox rules which are needed and re-enable them. Please see for further details.


Auto-forward from NHS to (NON-NHS) External email address is not allowed.

All automatic forwards will only be delivered to recipients. Any auto forwards to external email address will not be delivered.

Last Reviewed Date 20/10/2022
Updated on 20/10/2022

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