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Redirecting messages from one nhs.net email address to another nhs.net email address

You can use inbox rules to automatically forward or redirect emails sent to your nhs.net email address to another nhs.net email address, for example if you are going to be away from work.

Please note: The redirected email will appear as though it came from the original sender.

Any mailbox rules applied to an end user’s mailbox will be disabled if the account is ever identified as compromised. Post account remediation, it is the user’s responsibility to validate any mailbox rules which are needed and re-enable them. Please see Compromised Accounts – NHSmail Support for further details.

Please follow the below steps in Outlook Web App (OWA) to redirect email:

1. Click on the settings icon at the top right of the screen




Choose Email and select Rules




Click add a new rule

1. Enter a name for your rule under Name, for example, Redirect, Redirect due to out of office

2. Select Add a condition (this depends on user needs) for example: if your user is out of office, apply to all messages could be chosen

3. Next, Add an action – choose Route, then Redirect to

4. The user should now be presented with a window allowing you to add multiple users/mailboxes and select a user or shared mailbox

5. When complete, click Save at the bottom right of the window

Please note: If you do not want any other rules to be applied, please select Stop processing more rules and then click Save.

Please note:

You can apply another more complex rule or exception on the top of the first created rule. For further information please see Inbox Rules to manage email – NHSmail Support


When redirecting a message, be mindful that messages could contain sensitive information: ensure the mail recipient is correct and appropriate for the mail content.

Please note:

If you want the redirected emails to be deleted from your inbox, you will need to create an additional rule to delete the message. Please refer to Inbox Rules to manage email for guidance.

It is important to check that all inbox rules are up to date and relevant for your circumstances. Ensure you regularly check the rules applied to your inbox. For information on how to edit or delete an inbox rule, refer to the Advanced mailbox management module.

Last Reviewed Date 09/05/2024
Updated on 09/05/2024

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