Sharing email folders

Important note:

Please be aware that sharing email folders via this mechanism means that permissions need to be manually removed via OWA or Outlook as this is not controlled via the NHSmail portal. Sharing in this manner also carries the potential risk of an email folder or mailbox being made accessible to all users on the NHSmail shared tenant and exposing your organisation to an IG breach. We would recommend that all access permissions are configured by Local Admins using the NHSmail portal.

A shared folder is a folder of emails that more than one person has access to. You can create a shared folder or someone else in the directory can share their folder with you

1. Right click on the folder that you wish to share on the left side of the inbox homepage

2. Select Sharing and Permissions from the drop-down list


3.To give someone permission to view a folder, click the plus icon at the top of the pop up window



5. Enter a name in the search field and click Add




6. To assign permissions to that person, make sure the name is highlighted and click the Permission level drop-down list

7. Select the level of access you would like them to have from the drop down list, such as Owner

8. When you have finished setting permission levels, click OK

This automatically assigns certain permissions in the Read, Write, Delete access and Other sections, but you can modify these by selecting or deselecting the appropriate boxes. You should notify the person that you have shared folders with them, as no automatic email will be sent

If someone is made owner they will have full access to read, write, delete and carry out any other functions within the selected folder

Last Reviewed Date 14/05/2024
Updated on 14/05/2024

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