• Subscribe to HSSI alerts and NHSmail Announcements

    NHSmail announcements are provided in an RSS feed which you can subscribe to through various RSS readers and tools like IFTTT to generate alerts/notifications through various services. If you wish to filter for HSSI alerts only you view the specific RSS feed for HSSI tagged announcements for recent and currently open…

  • Recall an Email

    How to recall an email using the Outlook client.

  • Reset your password

    When your password needs to be reset or updated you can visit the self-service page and update your password. If your user name and password keeps being rejected your account may be locked and require a password reset to re-gain access.

  • Email Alias

    How to view users email aliases and edit users email aliases

  • Other locations for deleted items

    Deleted items can sometimes go to locations that are different to the Deleted items folder. This article will show you how to find deleted items in different folders.

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