Searching for an NHSmail Portal entry

When performing actions such as adding a user to a distribution list you will need to search for the entry in the Portal. This search feature is consistent across the user management, contacts, and distribution list screens so it will become a familiar action to complete. The example below is for finding a user to add to a distribution list.

To search for an entry (e.g. user, contact or distribution list):

1. Navigate to the Distribution Lists screen

2. Type the user or distribution list name in the search box in the top right of the page and click the magnifying glass


You can also use the navigation features at the bottom left of the screen to view more users per page (10, 25, 50) or click the numbers in the bottom center of the screen to move through the different pages of users

Handy Hint

If you need to narrow your search further, use the advanced search or click Display Name in the tool bar to sort the list in alphabetical order

Depending on the action you need to complete, you will select your desired entry by either ticking the box to the left of the name of the target object or double clicking on it.

Last Reviewed Date 15/03/2022
Updated on 06/07/2022
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