Other locations for deleted items

If you are unable to find an item within your Deleted Items folder, the second location to search is in the Recover deleted items section

You will find items in this folder that were:

  • Deleted from the Deleted Items folder
  • Emptied from the Deleted Items folder
  • Permanently deleted (through selecting the item and pressing Shift+ Delete)
  1. Right click on Deleted Items within your folders list and select Recover deleted items… from the drop down list

select recover deleted items

The Recovered Deleted Items folder will open in a new window

    2.Select the deleted item and click Recover

You can select multiple emails to recover by clicking the tick box to the left of the sender’s name

select emails to recover then click Recover

If you click purge, the messages you have marked for removal will be permanently deleted from your mailbox. The email will still be recoverable by administrators for 180 days after its movement to the Recovered deleted items section

    3.Click OK to recover the item and it will be recovered to its default location

click ok

    4.When complete, click the cross to close the Recover deleted items section

Updated on 29/05/2019

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