Deleted items folder

If you accidentally delete an item from Outlook Web App, such as an email, calendar appointment, contact or task, you can recover it up to 180 days later. The first place to look is in the Deleted Items folder of your mailbox

select mail1. Click Mail in the navigation bar at the top right of the screen

2.Click on Deleted Items in your folders list

right click and select move then inbox3.Right click on the item you wish to recover, select Move from the drop down list and select Inbox to move the item to your mailbox



Recovering to a folder other than inbox

click the desired location than select move4.Select More from the drop down list, select the folder you would like to move the item to and click Move



Check the Copy this item to the selected folder box for a copy of the item to remain within the Deleted Items folder

Instead of recovering an email you may need to recover a contact, calendar item or task:

  • To recover a contact, right click on it and select Move to Contacts
  • To recover a calendar item, right click on it and select Move to Calendar
  • To recover a task, right click it and select Move to Tasks
Last Reviewed Date 9/4/2019
Updated on 28/06/2022

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