Action Items

When receiving an email containing a potential action e.g. ‘Can you read Mrs Brown’s Notes’, this content will be scanned by the Action Items app which will in turn suggest for you to add the email as a new task to your tasks list

Action section will be highlightedOpen an email which contains an action request from a colleague

The Action Items App will highlight the section of the email that looks like an action. Some words that the app identifies as an action are ‘could you’ and ‘let me know


Click on Follow Up to add this action to your tasks list

click on mark complete once task is competedClick on Mark Complete within the email message if the task is complete

Note: you can also mark the task as complete through the task screen. Once the email is added to your tasks list you can manage it as you would other tasks. Refer to the Managing tasks and reminders section for more information

Last Reviewed Date 18/02/2020


Updated on 28/06/2022

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