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This article provides guidance on creating and configuring custom Caller ID policies.

Caller ID Policies

Caller ID policies are used to change or hide the Caller ID when a phone call is made via Teams. This is done by creating a custom policy which provides an alternate number to display or to block any number from being displayed. By default, (if no custom Caller ID policies are created and applied to users), there will be a global Caller ID policy that will be applied with the following settings:

Feature Comments Global Policy Setting – Recommendation
Block incoming caller ID This setting controls the incoming caller ID.


Override the caller ID policy This setting controls whether users can override the caller ID policy


Replace the caller ID with This setting controls whether the caller ID can be replaced with another number (UserName, Service Number, or Anonymous)

User Number

Replace the caller ID with this service number This setting allows configuring a service number if the above options “Replace the caller ID with” is configured to “Service Number”.


Custom Caller ID policies can be created and configured through the Phone System PowerApp as per your organisation requirements. This article will outline guidance on:


Adding a Custom Caller ID Policy

1. Once logged into the Phone System PowerApp, select ‘Caller ID’ from the homepage.



2. To add a new Caller ID policy, select the add option from the toolbar. You will be directed to the Configure Caller ID Policy



3. On the Configure Caller ID Policy page, you will be able to add a name and description for this custom Caller ID policy in the fields provided. Continue to complete the remaining parameters for this policy that can be updated to your organisation’s requirement (i.e., ‘Block incoming caller ID’, ‘Replace Caller ID’, ‘Override Caller ID Policy’ etc.).

4. After tailoring the settings to your organisation’s requirements, click ‘Submit’. After submitting, you will be directed to a success screen confirming your custom policy has been successfully saved. The success screen will provide the option to return to the Caller ID landing page.


5. Select the ‘return to Caller ID’ to be redirected back to the Caller ID landing page.

To assign your Caller ID policies to users, please visit this article – Assigning Policies to Users.

Editing a Custom Caller ID Policy

1. From the Caller ID landing page, select the Caller ID policy you wish to edit, then select the edit option from the toolbar

2. You will be brought to a screen where you will be able to change the configurations and features of the custom Caller ID policy.


Important Note

You will be unable to edit the name of the Caller ID policy

3. After updating the settings of this Caller ID policy, select submit.



4. Your Caller ID policy has now been updated.




Deleting a Custom Caller ID Policy

1. To delete a custom Caller ID policy, from the Caller ID policies landing page, select the custom Caller ID policy you wish to delete and then select the delete option from the toolbar.



2. You will be prompted to ‘Confirm Delete’ or to ‘Cancel’ after selecting the delete option.







Important Note

To successfully delete a custom Caller ID policy, it will need to be unassigned from all currently assigned to users, before it can get deleted.

Last Reviewed Date 08/06/2022
Updated on 07/07/2022
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