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Inventory Type Change for Numbers


This article provides guidance for Phone System administrators on how to convert telephone number types. Microsoft Teams uses different telephone number types depending on the purpose for which you want to use the phone number.

This article will cover:

Telephone Number Types

There are two main telephone number types called User Numbers (Subscriber Number) and Service Number.

User Numbers (also called subscriber numbers) can be assigned to users within your organisation, whilst Service Numbers are numbers assigned to services such as Auto Attendants or Call Queues. User numbers can be converted to Service Numbers and vice versa.

Important Note:

For a more detailed breakdown on the types of numbers support by Microsoft, please visit this article here.

For Calling Plans, requests to change number types can be submitted via the Phone System PowerApp. Your request will then be processed by the NHSmail service team with Microsoft on your behalf (please note this can take up to 2 weeks to be actioned by Microsoft – you will be updated on progress via email). For Direct Routing, the number type change will need to be actioned by your SIP provider directly for changes to take effect. You will then need to mirror these changes by identifying the number type change in the Phone System PowerApp.

Number Type Change

1. Once logged into the Phone System PowerApp, select Manage Numbers’ from the homepage.



2. You will be directed to a Numbers page, with button options to view your ‘Order History’ and ‘Change Number Type’. Select the ‘Change Number Type’ option



3. You will be directed to a Change Number Type page where you will be able to select the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connectivity type of the numbers you want to change – ‘Direct Routing’ or ‘Calling Plan’


4. Upon selecting the chosen PSTN connection – Calling Plan or Direct Routing, a variety of different options will appear below your selection.

Calling Plan | Number Type Change Process

For Calling Plans, the number change request will need to be actioned by a service team directly with Microsoft, on your behalf. The details for this request can be submitted via the Phone System PowerApp.

1. On the Change Number Type page, select the Calling Plan option as the PSTN connectivity type’.

2. After selecting the Calling Plan option, you will be required to fill in the series of additional fields, such as ODS Code, email address, and a Title.



3. Scroll down to complete further details on the Notifications Email, Quantity, Current Number Type and New Number Type.



4. Click the drop-down bar to select the Current Number Type of the numbers you wish to change, and the New Number Type the numbers are being changed to. The options are – Subscriber, Call Queue Toll or an Auto Attendant Toll.


5. After selecting these fields, you will be required to upload an attachment of the numbers to be changed. Click the ‘Download Template’ You will be provided with a template for download, to be populated and uploaded with the numbers that require changing, as an attachment in a CSV format.


Important Note:

Ensure each phone number is listed per row with digits only and no spaces.

6. After completing all the required fields and uploading the attachment, click ‘Submit’ to process all options and submit your request. You will be greeted by a success screen informing your request has been sent.


7. A ticket will be raised for your request to be fulfilled. You will receive a series of email correspondence on the progress of your request, and you will also be notified via email once your request has been fulfilled, and the number change process has been actioned.

Important Note:

The numbers within the Phone System application will appear updated with their new number types, but this change will not come into effect until Microsoft has confirmed these have been formally changed in the tenant. This will be communicated via email.

Direct Routing | Number Type Change Process

1. On the Change Number Type page, select the Direct Routing option as your PSTN connectivity type.

Important Note:

Under Direct Routing, for number type changes to take place, it is a requirement for you to contact your SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Provider to process the number changes, for the change to take effect.

2. You will be provided with a list of Direct Routing Phone Numbers, and the corresponding Number Type. Select the number you would like to change from the list provided.



3. Select the ‘New Number Type’ you would like to change the selected number to from the drop-down options – Subscriber, CallQueueToll and AutoAttendantToll.



4. Click ‘Submit’ to be directed to a success screen confirming that your request has been sent.



5. Your Direct Routing numbers will now be changed to reflect their new number type in the Phone System PowerApp – these can be viewed in the Numbers landing page. You will still need to action this change with your SIP provider directly if you have not already done so for the number type change to take effect.


Last Reviewed Date 10/06/2022
Updated on 07/07/2022
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