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This article provides step by step guidance for Phone System administrators looking to configure Resource Accounts for their organisations. A Resource Account is a disabled user that can be used to represent resources. A Resource Account is required for each Auto Attendant or Call Queue. Resource Accounts may also be assigned service telephone numbers. By doing so, callers from outside Teams can reach the Auto Attendant or Call Queue. Each Resource Account requires a free Microsoft 365 Phone System – Virtual User license.

This article will outline:

Add Resource Account

1. Once logged into the Phone System PowerApp, on the homepage, select the Resource Accountsoption



2. You will be directed to a Resource Account landing page where you will be provided with a view of all Resource Accounts, along with the options to ‘Add, ‘Edit Number’ and ‘Delete’ a Resource Account.


3. To add a Resource Account, click on the ‘+Add’ option to be directed to the Add Resource Account page.



4. On the Add Resource Account page, you will be required to provide a name for your Resource Account and the resource type (Auto Attendant or Call Queue) from a drop-down bar.



Important Note

The name of your Resource Account will be appended with your ODS code.

5. Once a name and resource type has been selected, click ‘submit’ to process all changes made.



Important Note

Please do not refresh your browser while the loading screen is showing as the Resource Account creation process is still in progress.

6. Once your Resource Account has been created, a ‘Virtual User License’ toggle will appear. As this will be required to associate a number with the Resource Account, this setting will be set to on by default.

7. Click ‘submit’ again to process all changes applied.

Important Note

Licences can take up to 24 hours to become active

8. On the success screen, you will be provided with the option to navigate back to the Resource Accounts landing page.



Assigning a Number to a Resource Account

To successfully configure a Resource Account to be used for Auto Attendants and Call Queues, a number is required to be assigned to the newly created Resource Account. The following steps below will outline how to do this.

1. On the Resource Account landing page, you will be provided with a list of all Resource Accounts created and the phone number assigned to each of them (if assigned).



Important Note

If you cannot see your Resource Account, please click on ‘refresh’ for the table to display any updates.

2. Select the Resource Account you wish to assign a phone number to then select the ‘Edit Number’ option.



3. You will be directed to an Edit Number Resource Account page where you can assign a number to the chosen Resource Account.

4. If a number has been previously assigned to the Resource Account, it will be shown in the current number field. To assign a new number, select the ‘unassign’ If no number is currently assigned, this field will be blank.


5. Scroll down to toggle ‘Yes’ for the option to assign a new number to the Resource Account.


6. Subsequently, a table of phone numbers, their PSTN Connectivity Type and Number Type will appear. Select the new number you wish to assign to this Resource Account from the list.


Important Note

The number assigned to the Resource Account must correspond with Licence Type the Resource Account has been assigned. The resource type that the Resource Account was created with, must match the number type to be assigned (e.g., an Auto Attendant Resource Account must be assigned to numbers of type: AutoAttendantToll to be associated with an Auto Attendant.)

7. Upon selecting the new phone number to be assigned, scroll down to the licencing section. Here, you will be required to specify if you want to transfer calls to external numbers, with an off/on toggle provided. Switch to toggle according to your organisation’s requirement.


8. If the transfer of calls to external numbers is select, then select the PSTN Connectivity type (Calling Plan or Direct Routing) you are using the subsequent toggle provided.


9. You will be required to assign a corresponding license from the drop-down bar that will appear below. For Direct Routing, you will need to select a Voice Policy to be assigned, and for Calling Plans, you will need to select a Calling Plan licence plan to be assigned. Select the suitable licence requirement.


10. After completing the required fields by selecting the licences and policy requirements, click ‘Submit’ to be directed to a success screen confirming the Resource Account has been added.


11. You have now successfully configured a Resource Account which can be used for either a Call Queue or an Auto Attendant.

Delete a Resource Account

1. To delete a resource account, select the Resource Account you wish to delete and then select the ‘Delete’ option in the toolbar.



2. You will be prompted to ‘Confirm Delete’ or to ‘Cancel’. Select the delete option to delete the chosen resource account.



3. A success screen will indicate that the Resource Account has been deleted successfully.



Last Reviewed Date 10/06/2022
Updated on 07/07/2022
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