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Viewing tickets & updates

The Helpdesk Self-Service allows the associated raiser of the ticket to view and track progress through the ticket’s life-cycle. Tickets are separated into three groups within the Helpdesk Self-Service which are Open, Closed and Awaiting Action. To access the ‘My Tickets’ area, select the ‘My Items’ button within the banner followed by ‘My Tickets’ option.

Once selected, the following will be presented.

The number of tickets open and closed will be located within each tab. Please note that closed tickets will remain visible within the Helpdesk Self-Service for 30 days.


To view the contents of a ticket, click the ticket reference ID. This will present the following screen with associated details of the selected ticket.



An audit of the ticket can be viewed via the activity trail in the centre of the screen. This provides details of activities that have occurred during the life of the ticket including comments added by either the user and/or technician. Change to the status of the ticket will be reflected towards the right of the screen under the state field.The user can also review the original details of the ticket by expanding the Options down arrow to reveal the information that was provided.

Last Reviewed Date 19/11/2020
Updated on 28/06/2022

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