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Forensic Discovery Requests

In addition to enabling Service Requests and Incidents to be raised and tracked via the Helpdesk Self-Service, additional functionality has been introduced to allow Forensic Discovery Requests to be raised. Due to the sensitive nature of these request types, all requests will undergo a review by either NHS England before a Forensic Discovery is approved for processing by the NHSmail Helpdesk team.

For information on what information is available via a Forensics Discovery search and the approvals needed from your organisation, please see the Access to Data Procedure guidance.

The following steps aim to demonstrate how to raise a Forensic Discovery request as well as the notifications that will be provided throughout the workflow.

1. Select the ‘Raise a Request’ button from the home page followed by the Forensic Discovery item.



2. Select the ‘Forensic Discovery’ category from the drop-down menu. This will present you with the Forensic Discovery data capture form.



3. Populate all fields with the appropriate data ensuring the information entered is added accurately. Please note the following screenshot does not show all fields present on the data capture form.


Note: Recent updates to the Forensic Discovery data capture form now requires an attachment to be added to provide proof of approval. The ‘Add Attachment’ button is located at the bottom right of the data capture form. File types that are accepted include .msg .doc .pdf and .txt

Once all fields have been populated, select the ‘Submit’ button.




4. Once the Forensic Discovery Request has been submitted, a review of the data provided with take place by the NHS. A notification email will be received by the submitter of the request informing them that the request has been submitted for review. The email notification will also consist of an RITM number which will be unique to the request. Please see the below example.

Please note that until the request has been reviewed and approved by the reviewer, a ticket will not be raised to the Helpdesk for processing.

5. Once the review has been completed by the NHS Feedback team, the request will be either approved or rejected. In scenarios where a Forensic Discovery request is rejected, a notification will be provided to the submitter informing them of this along with a further explanation as to why the request was rejected. A sample screenshot of this notification can be seen below.

6. Where a Forensic Discovery request is approved, the following notification will be received by the submitter informing them that the request was approved for processing.



7. In addition to the above notification, a further notification will be triggered to the submitter with details of the newly created ticket which will then allow the NHSmail Helpdesk to action. This ticker will be viewable within the HelpDesk Self Service facility to allow the submitter to track progress and view any updates added.


Last Reviewed Date 03/02/2023


Updated on 03/02/2023

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