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Application Account Conversion

Application accounts can be converted by users with the following permissions: Primary Local Administrators (PLA) and Local Administrators (LA). Further information on finding and adding PLA/LAs can be found on the NHSmail support page – Finding-Your-Local-Administrator. A user account must be created before converting to an application account. Guidance on creating user accounts can be found on the NHSmail support page – Create-User-Account.

Important information:

Personal email addresses such as ‘john.smith@nhs.net’ should not be converted into Application Accounts by PLA/LAs.

Where a user account with SMTP is identified, we will remove SMTP from these accounts. This may then impact local business processes or procedures. Therefore, it is important that the correct naming convention must be followed when converting application accounts.

Converting a user account to an application account:

1. Locate user account via the User Management page in Portal







2. Check the account status – must be active

3. Check if the AUP policy has been accepted



4. Select the checkbox Application Account




5. Selecting the checkbox will prompt the verification message



Please Update whole profile in the bottom of the page using Update button.


6. Once this step has been completed account has been converted into application account.



Please note:

If after conversion you see “red error box” appearing in the top right corner of the page, it could mean that the conversion was unsuccessful. We would recommend going back to the account to check.

Please note:

If the update button does not work, please contact the helpdesk@nhs.net

Important information:

If the user mailbox has Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled prior to the conversion to an application account, MFA will be disabled on the application account. Once you have converted a user account to an application account, you will have the ability to convert the application account back to a user account. Further information on this can be found on the NHSmail support page – https://support.nhs.net/knowledge-base/convert-application-account-to-user-mailbox/.

Last Reviewed Date 07/07/2023
Updated on 07/07/2023

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