Resolving a ticket

The Helpdesk Self-Service provides the ticket submitter the ability to resolve their ticket in scenarios where no further action is required. This maybe if an issue has been reported which has later been identified to be a local issue and resolved. In this case, the submitter may mark the ticket as ‘Resolved’ and provide commentary stating that no further action is required.

To mark a ticket as ‘Resolved’, the following steps should be performed.

1. Open an existing active ticket and select the ‘Resolve’ button highlighted towards the top right.


2. Once the ticket has been resolved, a popup box will appear requesting a resolution reason to be entered.

3. Enter the resolution commentary and then select the ‘Submit’ button. This will now place the ticket into a ‘Resolved’ status updating the activity timeline with details of the commentary added and the changed status.


An automated email will be initiated as per the existing process informing the submitter that their ticket has been resolved. The resolution information for tickets resolved by the user will be set as ‘Closed by Caller’ followed by the commentary added at the point the ticket was resolved.


Last Reviewed Date 11/11/2020
Updated on 28/06/2022

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