Project Web App (PWA) Management

Important Note

The Project for Web is a Teams add-on connected to Power Platform (instead of SharePoint Online). Currently Project for Web is disabled for all users even if the users are licensed.  Therefore, users licensed with Project Online plans will need to use Project Web App (a type of SharePoint site) or desktop client (where applicable to connect to Project Web App) to create and manage their projects.

Creating a PWA

A Project Web App is an online collection that can be used to house, edit and manage project plans.

To create a Project Web App:

1. Click Admin in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and select SharePoint from the drop down menu

2. Click Add and select Create Project WebApp

3. Select the Organisation, Name, Description, Owner and the Web App Quota. Based on the information added the Web App Address will automatically populate

Refer to the steps in Adding members section for more information on how to add an owner


An owner whose account is Locked or Disabled will not be able to carry out any work until their account is unlocked or enabled.

Handy Hint

There can be only one owner per Project Web App

4. Click create.

Additional Information

The owner will have full admin rights over that specific PWA for the owning organisation. These rights will allow the owner to manage permissions, design the PWA site, etc.

A user can only be added as a PWA owner if the following conditions are met:

– The user belongs to the owning organisation of the PWA

– The user has been assigned an Office 365 licence

– The user has the SharePoint application enabled

Please note: Users whose accounts are Inactive, Disabled or Locked can still be added as a PWA owner. However, they will not be able to carry out any actions on the site until their account has been activated, enabled or unlocked.


  • PWAs will utilise the SharePoint storage available to each organisation.
  • Each organisation will have a specific amount of SharePoint storage which they can assign to their SharePoint collections. The Max Quota will be displayed on the screen to the user.
  • When the user adds the Quota into the text field they must ensure that the value entered is less than the Max Quota value. This will be the amount of PWA storage that is assigned to that collection.
    • Users must be licensed with a Project Online Professional or Project Premium licence to create projects and access a PWA.
    • Project Online licensed users are restricted to create Project Web App directly via the Office 365 portal, therefore Local Administrators will need to follow the above guidelines to create a PWA for their Project Online licensed users.
    • Please advise users to navigate to the PWA URL in order to create new projects.Each project licence adds an additional 10GB of storage. When an organisation procures project licences, this additional storage is automatically added into the quota.Creating ProjectsPWA Limit
    • Each organisation is limited to the creation of 25 PWA instances.


Updated on 12/10/2021

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