Stream: Creating Group

Stream is a video service made available through O365. It can be used to securely share and interact with video content across an organisation.

Local Administrators will be able to create Stream groups via the NHSmail Portal.

To create a Stream group:

Follow the same steps that are outlined in the Creating a Team section. This process creates an O365 group which can also be used in Stream. Once completed, ask a group member to navigate to Stream. The group you have created for them will appear under the Discover drop down menu. Refer to MS Office Support for more information.


Additional Information

  • Users of Stream will need to accept the Acceptable Use Policy when attempting to upload a video for the first time.
  • Local Administrators are responsible for the management of Stream content.
  • Note: For any organisation leavers, it is important for Local Administrators to be added as the owner of their Stream content before they leave. Further information can be found in the Marking an NHSmail Office 365 Hybrid user as a Leaver guide.

Last Reviewed Date 24/07/2020
Updated on 29/06/2022

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