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Migrating existing Microsoft Forms to NHSmail

This article provides the steps to move a Microsoft Form from one account to another. This process will not copy across existing responses to a Form, so it would be best to export those to Excel if you need to retain them.

1. From the external account, access the Forms app by clicking on the nine dots in the top left and clicking on ‘Forms’.



2. This should open the interface for managing your ‘Forms’ in a new tab. Click on the form you would like to move to your NHSmail account.



3. Once the form has opened click on the three dots in the top right and then select ‘collaborate or duplicate’.



4. This will open a column with two options. Click on ‘share as a template’ and it will provide a link you can share to duplicate the form.



5. Now from your NHSmail account (make sure you are signed in), open the link. You should see something like the screen shown.

6. Click on ‘duplicate it’ and it will create a copy of the form, which will now exist in your NHsmail account.

7. Reshare the form link with any participants that need to complete it.

Last Reviewed Date 23/10/2023
Updated on 23/10/2023

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